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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Rohan, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Rohan

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    Has anyone taken excelsior IT courses like Project management, data communications etc. How difficult are they. I want to take 2 courses at a time. Anyone please share, it is doable. How much efforts do we need per week ?
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    I have not taken EC IT courses, but I have taken 2 business courses through them and I took my MIS core through another school's online program. I would not expect EC's MIS offerings to be too far off of my experience. Expect to do some work (quizzes, exams) based on readings and some based on projects (build a database, create diagrams, etc). Expect to have a discussion forum with required weekly postings and responses. I would be surprised if you have to write major papers, but 1-2 pages, maybe here and there.

    Difficulty: On the EC course schedule page (you may need to be logged in, you don't need to register to sign up) most course descriptions have a button marked 'View Course Overview' that leads to a detailed pdf of course content, including typical deliverables. Very useful. Given this info and the EC bookstore site you can usually find enough info to parse out how hard the content is. Overall, I came to IT from the business side and hobbyist interest and my GPA in the concentration is 3.85.

    Time: I took 8-week classes, and 1 at a time was challenging, 2 at a time I could do, but it was all I did besides work. I also used vitamins and espresso and 8 carefully planned days off from work so that I would have 3-day weekends to do schoolwork. The up side (apart from racking up credits almost as fast as testing out) is that now I consider 15-week classes a cruise.

    Hope this is helpful.


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