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    I have a quick question for someone who has gone through this college. When does summer graduation cermony take place? In the early summer or later part of the summer? Right now I am planning to submit my application to this college. I figure I have about 6 classes left to get a degree in Business. I am wondering if graduation takes place in the early part of the summer and I do not finish my classes until the end of the summer in August will have to wait until fall semester to attend the graduation cermony. Also will I get my degree before then if I finish the requirements completely?
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    Excelsior has a graduation date every month; the most recent one was March 19. Once Excelsior has evaluated your last transcript and you seem to have fufilled all the requirements for your degree, Excelsior will automatically send you a bill for the graduation fee and put you in the "graduation pool". (My wife Rosie had to send a fax to ask to be taken out of the graduation pool for March, so she could add a major to her degree.) If you pay your fee on time, you diploma will go in the mail on or shortly after your graduation date.

    Excelsior has only one commencement ceremony a year, in July. I assume that nearly all the graduates attending the commencement have already got diplomas in the mail.

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