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  1. Maks

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    I'm trying to find out the letter grade that I would receive from Excelsior for my scores on my tests. I tried to find it on the Publication page at excelsior.edu but I could not find it. Can anyone help me out?
  2. dualrated2

    dualrated2 New Member

    Their Student Guide to Credit by Examination breaks it down for you.
  3. alczar

    alczar New Member


    I searched at Excelsior College website and couldn't find the Student Guide to Credit by Examination. Any suggestions?


  4. dualrated2

    dualrated2 New Member

    Go to "Publications Request" and it is the third item listed. From their site you will see the following...

    Excelsior College Publications Request

    Publications Request

    You may choose to have one of the following documents mailed to you or download a document to your computer. Please note: Numbers in the "Size (Kb)" column correlate to download time of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Files with higher numbers are larger and take longer to download.

    MyEC Materials:
    Document Name Download Size(Kb) Request By Mail
    2004-2005 Complete Fee Schedule for Undergraduate Programs 192
    2005-2006 Information Sheet and Scholarship Application 126
    A Student Guide to Credit by Exam at EC & The Assessment Catalog 450
  5. Ian Anderson

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  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I am still unable to find the "Student Guide". Why does Excelsior make it so difficult to find their publications?
  7. dualrated2

    dualrated2 New Member

    I don't believe you have to be logged in on their web site to pull it up but perhaps you do. Go to www.excelsior.edu
    and on the opening page, bottom left column is Excelsior College Publications Request. Click it and it takes you to all the downloadable items or you can make a request for some in hard copy.
  8. alczar

    alczar New Member


    I did exactly what you said in your posting and still didn't see the Student Guide to Credit by Examination. I called the school to see what I was doing wrong. They patched me over to technical support and I described my problem to him. He logged in and found the Student Guide to Credit by Examination. Then he logged in as me and saw exactly what my screen showed and it didn't have the Student Guide. He wasn't sure what the problem was and guessed that since I wasn't an active student that it wouldn't allow me to view the guide. Then he patched me over to admissions and they emailed me the guide. It took about fifteen minutes to resolve this problem.


  9. dualrated2

    dualrated2 New Member

    Well I'm glad you finally got it and sorry my suggestion didn't work. They changed the web site last year making it difficult to find anything. I don't know of anyone who thought the changes were for the better. Good luck in your studies.

    GUNSMOKE New Member


    I had alot of communications DIFFICULTIES with Excelsior over a year ago, that is why I chose COSC!

    You are correct! After reading the thread, I went to their website, created an account which is necessary to access almost ANYTHING from them, I followed dualrated2's instructions and the pub WAS NOT ON THE LIST AT ALL!

    I did a search and got a return of "0 documents found."

    So I emailed <[email protected]>
    and they were kind enough to email it to me too.

    I still don't understand why Excelsior does things the way they do, but it seems like every little thing is like pulling a tooth!

    COSC is just the opposite, everything is open and asscessible and everybody will bend over backwards to help you get to where you want to go. This difference was MORE THAN enough for me.

    I'm not criticizing EXCELSIOR! What is/was right for me will not necessarily meet YOUR needs, so by all means, explore all your options.

    I'm TOLD ONCE YOU GIVE EXCELSIOR YOUR MONEY, EVERYTHING CHANGES but I'll never know because I run in the other direction whenever I hear their name.

    I wish you the very best of luck and all of God's blessings on your journey!!!!!!!
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  12. Lauradglas

    Lauradglas New Member


    I got 4 in my inbox! :D You guys are awesome. Quick too. Wish my snail mail carrier was on the ball like that.

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