Excelsior Genetics; final tips?

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    Hi everybody!

    Wednesday morning I'll be taking the genetic test from uExcel!
    Do any of you have final tips and tricks on how to make certain I will pass?
    I began studying this course with the book: "Essentials of Genetics" that the Excelsior website advised, but I found it really hard to study with it. So I decided to lay the book aside and buy the Premium Edition from study.com (formally education-portal.com) to do their Excelsior Genetics course. I hope I made the right decision to study only with study.com.
    Are there more people who did the same? Who didn't use the book anymore, but only used study.com?
    So, now I'm just reviewing everything again: reading through all the transcrips of study.com and doing all their practice tests again. Do you think that's sufficient to pass the test? Is the test very difficult?
    Thanks for any info!


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