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    @ Gert : sorry, but I also have to completely disagree with your views - I think it´s a lot wiser to LEAVE the wording on the diploma, because that seems to have strong relevance to many students, which I can unterstand totally, by the way...
  2. Hate this school

    This is why I hate it......

    here is the facts/history

    Thirty years ago Regents College was founded to make college degrees more accessible to busy, working adults. We focused on what our students knew, rather than where or how they learned it. It was a radical concept in its day because it recognized that college-level knowledge can be attained in many ways. And students should receive credit for what they know.

    As a world leader in distance education, we do not insist that learning can take place only in the classroom. Instead, we know there are many avenues for earning college credit. We give our students access to more avenues than most traditional colleges and universities because we know it's not realistic to expect busy, active adults with family and career commitments to drop out of life to earn a degree.

    We start the journey upward by acknowledging the college credits you've already earned, so there's no going backward.

    Today, our name is Excelsior College, a name which means Ever Upward and more accurately describes what we do -- propel our students ever upward toward reaching their lifetime goals. Become one of our students. Your dreams are within reach here.

  3. My hate is with the name not the school

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    My wife and I both graduated from Excelsior last year. Both Diplomas mention University of the State of New York twice. I would use it on a resume as Excelsior College, University of the State of New York.
  5. IMHO, if the USNY designation is potentially misleading it should be changed or dropped. I understand that people with more of a stake in the issue may have a different opinion.
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    It would be wrong to create a new institution with a name deceptively similar to an institution with a widely recognizable name. This is clearly not the case here.

    As has been discussed above, there are myriad reasons why Excelsior should identify itself as a member of the University of the State of New York. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of its students who chose Excelsior College because it is a member of this instiution.

  7. Well, we disagree. I think the "University of the State of New York" should change its name to something like "Education Oversight Council of the State of New York." Then Excelsior could be listed as "Excelsior College, approved by the Education Oversight Council of the State of New York."
  8. I like it Gert, or maybe this

    Then Excelsior could be listed as

    Excelsior College - "Approved by the Education Oversight Council of Distance Education (EOCDE)", but the actual work was done elsewhere, Also know as; AKA: Regents, Excelsior University, University of The State of New York, and University at Albany. (you had to be a student to get it name thing, but I promise that it's a RA school......

    Botom line here - I would AVOID the embrrassment - just try to get a job having to explain yourself the the HR Department.....

    Excelsior has some responsibility in all of this.......

    HR DIRECTOR:confused:
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    Gert: I'm not sure what you think we disagree on. All I care about is that I can identify Excelsior College as being a member of whatever official state institution oversees colleges and universities in the State of New York. I never offered an opinion as to what this governming body should be called, but since it is called "University of the State of New York", it is appropriate for Excelsior College to identify itself as a member.

    Matterofdegrees: I'm not sure what is actually fueling your grudge against Excelsior, but I think it is a fine institution. Your "hatred" is irrational.

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    What Excelsior College is suggesting to it's graduates is to put in their resumes as follows:

    John Bear, B.S. (Excelsior College, 2002) (formerly known as Regents College of the University of the State of New York).

    Hope this clarifies the situation.

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