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    Hey Guys,

    I'm seriously thinking about enrolling (now) at Excelsior college. It seems to be the most economical choice for me, the staff seems helpful, and I think a lot of my credit would transfer over. I have my Associate's in Business Administration, six other seperate credits, three credits are in the process of being completed, and something that says I have completed the Right-to-Know Basic Awareness Training Program by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety in my state (would it be worth making note of that to Excelsior)? The person I talked to seemed confident (with my current working conditions) that I could document just about everything I would need to get a Bachelor's Degree in Biology (I wanted Biology, Psychology, or Organization Leadership) through a portfolio and that I could have my degree completed in a year (which is my goal). :) What do you guys think about Excelsior and what are your experiences with them? How much will the credit (espescially portfolio credit) be accepted at other universities? (FHSU ran a close second and I like the recognition of their Master's programs) -- which is where I'm likely headed next!

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    not exactly the info you are looking for this is the most talked about college on this forum. I am also considering it. Second up for me FHSU or Troy State.
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    Try to find a student who's done portfolios through Excelsior recently. I don't know one, but I can tell you that:

    (1) Excelsior doesn't evaluate portfolios itself, but uses other colleges, such as Charter Oak;

    (2) When we made enquiries about Excelsior's portfolio system in January 2003, Excelsior's Web page on portfolios was badly out of date, outlining four options, two of which were not available. (One option was through Empire State College, but Empire had discontinued portfolios for non-Empire students sometime in 2001.) Excelsior updated its Web page at my prodding, replacing the four specific options with generalities.

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