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    I am officially 37 credits away from earning my BA from Excelsior. They have accepted all applicable courses from Penn Foster College, but they are fighting me on my courses from Andrew Jackson University. I have submitted the syllabi for my courses and appealed.

    Here is what I have left to finish:

    General Education (Arts & Sciences Requirement)
    6.00 semester hours at the lower level
    -3.00 Principles of Public Speaking (DSST)
    -3.00 CMST*2010 Interpersonal Communication (Louisiana State University
    =0.00 credits remaining
    21.00 semester hours at the upper level
    -3.00 COMST*300 Media Ethics (Brigham Young University)
    -3.00 COMM*401 Organizational Communication (University of North Dakota
    -3.00 JOUR*411 Communication Law (Ohio University Exam)
    -3.00 Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union (DSST)
    -3.00 Civil War and Reconstruction (DSST)
    -3.00 Business Ethics and Society(DSST)
    -3.00 Money and Banking (DSST)
    =0.00 credits remaining
    Applied Professional Credits or Additional Arts & Sciences
    10.00 semester hours lower level in any academic area
    -3.00 COM*210 TE Public Relations Thought & Practice (Thomas Edison Exam)
    -3.00 COMMS*230 Introduction to Advertising (BYU)
    -3.00 College Algebra (ALEKS)
    -3.00 Introductory Algebra (Straigherline)

    I'm knocking out the DSST exams first. I'm currently studying for the Civil War and Reconstruction and the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union exams.
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    I can tell you that Excelsior did accept my 9 Aspen credits once I submitted the appeal. It took about a month for the decision to come through. This was in 2009, so hopefully, they are still as accommodating now.
  3. jra

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    Introductory Algebra from SL? is that ACE approved?

    I used Beginning Algebra, Trigonometry and Stats for Behavioral Science from ALEKS
    and College algebra from SL/FHSU. I was going to use PreCalc but they told me it was going to duplicate College Algebra.
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