Excelsior College and Real World Value?

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  1. infantryexcel

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    Maniac - I see you have an A.S. From Excelsior. Please for the love of god tell me what their classes are like / experience with them so far.

  2. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    LOL, I'm sorry, I haven't taken any of their classes. Well, unless you want to count the useless Information Literacy course which requires that you understand the difference between a magazine and a book.
  3. infantryexcel

    infantryexcel New Member

    Ah, too bad lol!
  4. navy24

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    I am active duty navy and I completed a BS in Nuclear eng tech from Excelsior. My degree did require business ethics and some other electives. I can tell you that most of the classes were not hard. Plan on a reading assignment, some online discussions questions, and a small multiple choice quiz or written assignment each week. There will probably be an online, open-book midterm and final for each class as well.
    As long as you stay ahead on the reading, and you don't skip online discussions, you should not have a problem passing any of the classes. The only sailors, that I know, who had problems or had to withdraw from classes were the ones who procrastinated and tried to do their work at the last minute.

    Hope this helps!
  5. infantryexcel

    infantryexcel New Member

    Thank you very much for that info!

    I have drawn up a degree plan!

    Bachelor of Science in Business, Concentration: General Business from Excelsior College
    Arts and Science – 60 Needed
    CLEP History of the United States I 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP History of the United States II 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP College Composition 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Humanities 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP Biology 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP College Mathematics 6 Instant Cert
    CLEP Introductory Psychology 3 SpeedyPrep
    CLEP American Government 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Social Sciences and History 6 Book
    CLEP Microeconomics 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Macroeconomics 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Introductory Sociology 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP American Literature 6 SpeedyPrep
    CLEP College Algebra 3 Taken Class
    DSST Principles of Statistics 3 Instant Cert or MAT-201 Statistics 3 Excelsior College

    Career Component – 45 Needed (12 Upper)
    CLEP Financial Accounting 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Intro to Business Law 3 Taken Class
    CLEP Information Systems 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Principles of Management 3 Instant Cert
    CLEP Principles of Marketing 3 Instant Cert
    DSST Principles of Finance 3 Instant Cert or BUS-350 Principles of Finance 3 Excelsior College
    DSST Business Ethics Instant Cert or 3 BUS-323 Business Ethics 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-553 Organizational Behavior 3 Excelsior College
    ACC-212 Managerial Accounting 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-520 Operations Management 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-495 Business Strategy 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-300 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-312 Managing Human Resources 3 Excelsior College
    BUS-310 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3 Excelsior College
    DSST Management Information Systems 3 Instant Cert or BUS-452 Business Leadership 3 Excelsior College

    Electives – 15 Needed
    Information Literacy 1
    CLEP Precalculus 3 Book
    CLEP Natural Sciences 6 SpeedyPrep
    CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 6 SpeedyPrep

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