Excelsior business degrees: additional accreditation

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  1. Dennis

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    I've noticed that Excelsior states on its website that besides being regionally acredited their business degrees are also accredited by IACBE (International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education). Does someone know more about this accrediting body and the utility of this accreditation?


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    Hello Dennis --

    Business school accreditation is a frequently-discussed topic on this forum, and I'm sure others will speak up. IACBE has an interesting philosophy and it's certainly better than no accreditation. A local (to me) school, Marylhurst University, has IACBE accreditation, and their MBA is well-regarded locally (not to mention out of my price range).

    As for utility, accreditation is partly about prestige and bragging rights, and for this IACBE is unfortunately the third horse in a one-horse race. AACSB is the one to have if recognition by recruiters or others we want to impress is a priority.

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