Excelsior BSIT core requirements- Anyone please

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  1. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    I am looking for advice on courses/tests to meet following core requirements.
    Database concepts
    Data communication & networking
    Operating systems
    Overview of computer security
    Project Management

    I did searched past posts and some of you have suggested using ICCP courses but not good posts about their success rate. However, I found that TUI university(www.tuiu.edu) offers similar courses for $250.00 per credit. All courses are 4 credit each. Why I picked TUI ....Since, My company tuition has reimbursement policy and I don't think CLEP, DANTES or ICCP are covered by tuition reimbursement but TUI courses will be. Since, my judgment could be wrong so asking for advice:
    1) Is it a good decision or there are better options for core subjects?
    2) Will TUI courses be accepted by Excelsior ?.
    3) Anyone had luck getting tuition reimbursement for the enrollment fee paid to Excelsior since for tuition reimbursement you have to take a college course ?

    I need to make decision immediately so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I completed my MS-ITM from TUI and I think they are really good. I have plans to take classes toward an MBA when I finish the PhD.

    Since they are both RA, I could not imagine there would be an issue.

    I earn my BS from COSC and never considered it because of the company policy that they do not cover admin fees. What is the company policy?
  3. -kevin-

    -kevin- Resident Redneck

    One way to approach the reimbursement issue is to address your need as it fits your company's policy. Most have wording similar to the following with regard to reimbursement: All fees required for the student to enroll and which are charged to all students within the prescribed limits.

    If so, then the fees charged by COSC would fall in to this language. The language might also include matriculation, etc... costs and fees.

    Best of luck,
  4. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    I agree. This is exactly the wording. They will pay fee required to complete a course. But the problem is Excelsior doesn't offer any of these courses. I did find one but that was 4 months longer so won't help. Don't know if anyone manage to find a workaround ?
  5. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    I'm not familiar with your major requirements (mine's business with MIS concentration), but you are on the right track with ICCP exams. It's true though, you have to weigh tuition reimbursement against the speed and convenience of testing out. What about CompTIA? IIRC some CompTIA exams would apply, such as Project+ and Network+ and I think they may be cheaper per credit than ICCP.

    I took Data Communications at a community college, even though I could have taken Network+, and this worked for me based on subject matter and the tuition was less than $250/credit. I also filled my programming requirement this way.

    I took the remainder of my MIS concentration at Chadron State College -- $168/credit, 8-week terms, and their service is great. Your BSIT is probably more technically focused than MIS, but I'll put it out there just for comparison. A classmate of mine working in IT found Chadron's database class not challenging technically, but their Project class challenged him just fine :). Chadron didn't have anything for operating systems or security.

    As for the enrollment fee, since you are looking at taking courses anyway...if you are able to join IEEE, it would qualify you for the partnership option at EC. This knocks the enrollment fee and the grad fee down to $130, as long as you take 12 credits from EC. Tuition is $250/credit for IEEE, better than my deal through POAG. Excelsior has courses in operating systems, database, project, network and security.

  6. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Great..but how does that work. If I am already a student and can I join now and get the discount. HOW? Also the membership due for being a student is actually $16. Does EC require a special kind of membership or any membership will work?

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