Excelsior Bachelor's Degree plan, Duplication Question

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    Hello everyone!
    I have been a lurker on the forum for a while, and I love the quality of information that is available. I have submitted my credits to be evaluated by Excelsior and and trying to devise a plan. I had taken classes at the community college about 10 years ago with not the best grades on my transcripts for some of the courses. Since Excelsior doesn't accept courses with a D for transfer, i'm curious if the classes are redone by testing out through CLEP or DANTES, will they be considered duplicate upon evaluation for graduation? For instance I received a D in Spanish through the college, if I were to take the CLEP and receive a passing grade, would it be considered a dup?
    Below I have my rough draft of my degree plan, any advice is appreciated!

    Step 1 Complete Arts and Sciences Component
    Written English Uexcel Eng 110 3CR
    Humanities CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 6CR

    Social Sciences/History
    CLEP Introduction to Psychology 3CR
    CLEP Micro-economics 3CR
    CLEP Macro-economics 3CR
    Mathematics (pre-calc or above Pre Calculus CLEP
    Statistics Statistics DANTES 3CR LL
    Natural Science Astronomy DANTES 3CR LL
    Remaining arts and sciences 21 needed
    Principles of Supervision DANTES 3CR LL
    Substance Abuse DANTES 3CR UL
    Principles of Public Speaking DANTES 3CR LL
    Here’s to Your Health DANTES 3CR UL
    Management Information Systems Dantes 3CR UL
    Introduction to World Religions DANTES 3 CR UL
    Introduction to Law Enforcement DANTES 3CR LL

    Step 2 Complete Business Component
    Financial Accounting 3CR CLEP
    Managerial Acocunting 3CR CLEP
    Intro. To US Business Law 3CR CLEP
    DSST Business Law II 3 U
    Information Systems and Computer Applications 3CR CLEP
    Principles of Management 3CR CLEP
    Principles of Finance 3CR DANTES
    Principles of Marketing 3CR CLEP
    Production/Operations Management 3CR TECEP
    Business Policy-do at excelsior 3CR TECEP Business 421
    DSST Business Ethics 3 U
    DSST Management Information Systems 3 U
    DSST Principles of Finance 3
    DSST Organizational Behavior 3
    DSST Money and Banking 3 U
    DSST Intro to Business

    Step 3 Complete Additional Credit Component and additional Requirements
    Information Literacy 1CR EXE
    Human Growth and Development 3 CR DSST
    Human Resource Management 3CR DSST
    Spanish CLEP 3CR
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    punoɹɐ ƃuıƃuɐɥ ʇsnɾ
    If they don't accept your courses, then there won't be anything to duplicate. Therefore, no, you will not run into a duplication problem.

    Also, the Spanish CLEP can be either 6 or 12 credits, never 3. This could save you massive amounts of money. I took both French and Spanish- 24 credits for about $200!!
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    Great! I kept reading horror stories about duplication with them, and don't want it to hinder me. Thank you!

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