Excellent new course at project Nature connect (credit or noncredit)

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    Project Nature Connect has several courses where one can get college credit or ceus. They are low cost and credit can be earned from Portland State University. They offer a 4 week introductory course on ecopsychology and a up to 3 hour free course in Organic Psychology.
    Of note is a new beta course called :
    Revolutionary Wisdom: Organic Psychology in Action (RW)
    How to Think and Build Relationships with Your Fifty-Four Sense Natural Intelligence
    If you have an interest in nature or ecopsychology I recommend this to you as it offers not only theory but multiple expositions that one completes to truly be one with nature. it takes several months to complete and can be done for self-growth or college credit.
    It teaches how to reconnect to nature and avoid the disconnect found in many lives that create many 0f our and society's anxiety. It includes elements of multiple disciplines -including art, literature. biology and even physics that strengthen it's validity. for more info on this course (and others) go to:


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