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  1. Will Makeit

    Will Makeit New Member

    Ok, has been mentioned before, but now the time has come (IF I pass the 2 CLEPS I am taking tomorrow in Geneva) and I am needing to make a quick decision on how to go about getting my (last) required credits to fulfill the ENG COMP requirement at Excelsior.

    So far, after having looked through the information from the past, I have in mind taking this course:

    Adams State College independent course:
    for ENG COMP

    My criteria is that: a) It is inexpensive, b) Only requires one exam (since I have to use a proctor, I rather just have maximum 1).

    I discarded the LSU course because a) It required 2 exams b) I got discouraging information about the tutor's style.

    The other choice is to take the Excelsior exam, but since I need to brush up my writing skills, I think it is a better idea to actually take a course, do some course work, rather thatn risking it all at one single exam which, by the way, costs near as much as taking a correspondence course anyway.

    So, before I take the final decision, is there any other choices anyone could suggest (basis inexpensive, say max 350$ or so, and max. 1 exam)?
  2. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    BYU English 312 - Persuasive Writing -- 3 semester hours upper level and meets the Excelsior written English requirement.

    The course is $357 ($40 new textbooks) and requires one proctored speedback (computerized) final.

  3. Will Makeit

    Will Makeit New Member

    Thanks Coach.
    This is a very interesting course.
    Among other things the cost of books is quite low compared to the others. I have it in my list to evaluate together with the following others:

    1) Colorado State University: Waiting to see if they could agree to accept my CLEP English Comp with essay to fulfill the pre-requisite to do the course. Prefered because no exams needed.

    2) Adams' State College:

    3) University of Wyoming: Not sure about the price of this one.
  4. james_lankford

    james_lankford New Member

    --3) University of Wyoming: Not sure about the price of this one.

    I clicked on 'Getting Started' at the bottom of the page and went here


    near the bottom of this page, it seems to says that it costs aroud $92 a credit, not counting fees
  5. Will Makeit

    Will Makeit New Member

    Finally I have enrolled in the following Independent Study course to fulfill my Excelsior College English writing credits:

    Colorado State University Pueblo
    ENG Composition 101
    Total Cost: $297

    Plus books (2): total around $70 if you buy in the US. But for me much more expensive because I am having them couried from US and UK as I am in a hurry to start now while I'm still not working.

    Some features of this course: No final exam. Basically it consists of written assignments and 9 essays.
    I will let you know how it goes.

    Link is:
  6. FusionEd

    FusionEd New Member

    Yes, I am interested learning how this program works out for you.

    I also must take an English course.
  7. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    You may want to try education direct "English Composition & Rhetoric" it's only 55$ per credit includes books.
    It's ACE approved and accepted by excelsior.
    You have to register through the:
    Business and Industrial division 1-800-233-0259
    Apparently their courses are not too dificult but I have never taken any before, so I do not know for sure.
    I will be registering next week!
    Good Luck
  8. FusionEd

    FusionEd New Member

    Thanks Pilot.

    I actually learned about Education Direct about two weeks ago after doing some extensive online searching for certificate programs.

    I agree, the price is excellent. I wasn't sure if they offered courses individually, but I will surely give them a call.
  9. Will Makeit

    Will Makeit New Member

    That price looks really good if it includes books. Wish I would have known because mine is costing me twice as much after buying books...
  10. Tarbuza

    Tarbuza New Member

    Proctor Exam

    It seems like it is a proctor exam at the end, right?
  11. datapoly

    datapoly Member

  12. FusionEd

    FusionEd New Member

    I received a reply from Education Direct concerning taking only the English Comp. They don't offer English Comp courses by itself. Bummer, $55 per unit-- that would've been great.

    I'll take a look at University of Idaho. 0 exams?? I like the sound of that.
  13. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    I was told by a CSR that you could take only this class. The cost would be $185.00.
    I don't have this in writing but you might try to find someone else to talk to at ED.
  14. Tarbuza

    Tarbuza New Member

    English Composition

    I was also told by Customer Service Representative that they have English Composition Class. It costs $185 but the final exam is PROCTORED.

    I have following questions:

    a) Does this satisfy Excelsior requirement?

    b) Is it equivalent to ENG 101?

  15. FusionEd

    FusionEd New Member


    I'v contacted the enrollment advisor to clarify. At $185, this is still a great price even if it is proctored.

    I did call Excelsior and they said they will take credits from ED since ED's Degrees are accredited.

    Also, English Comp. is English Comp. and Excelsior will accept the credits from an accredited school.
  16. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    Has anyone actually used this course for credit at Excelsior?
  17. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    I am a registered student at excelsior, I called Excelsior and it was approved for the Written English Requirement.
  18. Papa Georgia

    Papa Georgia New Member

    Thanks for the info. I guess the next question is, Has anyone taken the course? I tried to get them to send me a syllabus but didn't have much luck. They sent me a catalogue instead.

    MGKRILL New Member

    "English Composition & Rhetoric" Is no longer offered by ED.. ED does have a "English Composition" course but It's not in the national guide .. My advisor at Excelsior told me that the class isn't approved since its not in the the national guide ... I would be interested to know if anyone out there was succesful in transfeing the new ED "English Comp" class ????????
  20. Pilot

    Pilot Member

    I was supposed to take this class this semester but I was too busy, and decided to wait until next semester or January 06.
    Do you know if the new course has been reviewed by ace?
    Excelsior might not have the most recent copy???
    The best way is to call ACE and request a current copy of ED evaluated courses!
    If it has not been evaluated yet , then I would need to find a course, I am back to square one.
    Does anyone know of an easy one?
    Keep me posted,
    Thank you much and good luck!!

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