"Everything SRU has become James Monroe"

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  1. galanga

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    In this DegreeBoard thread, "Professor John S. Dovelos,... Chief Provost and Dean of Behavioral Sciences" of Saint Regis (whoops, that should be James Monroe) informs us "SRU has either temporarily or permanently changed its name to James Monroe and everything SRU has become James Monroe."

    I'm glad that's been cleared up. Those Georgia teachers can use this in their appeal: as it turns out, they don't have SRU degrees after all! You might think that this can't possibly work, but Mr. Dovelos now identifies his PhD-granting something-or-other as James Monroe, rather than Saint Regis. What's good for the goose is good for the Chancellor.

    And how the heck can the Chancellor not know the identities of his university's controlling board anyway?

    And whatever happened to all the chatter a few weeks ago about the impending reaccreditation of SRU/JMU/RU?

  2. bullet

    bullet New Member

    Sag mal vas

    St Regis UNOTversity is the most incredible case of boloney (sp?) in the world of education.
    They will not obtain more certifications from LIBERIA.

    This chance-sell-loco (chancellor) of the SRu group does not even know what is going on with SRu, read his posts and you will see he has no idea about anything.
  3. aic712

    aic712 Member

    hopefully the real JMU will take action

    Hopefully they will get sued by the legitmate JMU (James Madison University) here in VA, which happens to be a very good state school.
  4. galanga

    galanga New Member

    They have given up on Liberian reaccreditation...

    ..perhaps. The JMU accreditation page now says
    Two weeks ago it said
    Note that JMU isn't saying they currently are, or are seeking to become accredited. Perhaps they are going to let it go at that? It makes one curious to know if somebody was cooking something that fell through (recall the adventures of www.liberianembassy.com and www.nationalboardedu.com).

    What about Robertstown? Have they given up too? Actually, no, and they are bold about it: "Robertstown is NATIONALLY ACCREDITED by the Higher Education Commission Ministry of Liberia, which grants recognition to post-secondary education institutions in Liberia."

    All that in spite of Isaac Roland's message to Josef Silny: "Please be informed that the Commission has never, at any time, accredited Robertstown University, as claimed falsely by certain unscrupulous individuals."

  5. Len

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    "First of all I want to inform you that the way Galanga understood my quoted post from degreeboard is exactly the opposite to what I meant it to convey. It may be my fault in this case as English is not my native language. However, what I meant is that everything SRU, either temporarily or permanently, has been TRANSFERRED to the James Monroe site, so it is natural that my dissertation appears in the electronic journal that is now in that site. That post was written in the context of a question in another post at degreeboard and does not in any way imply that because the site has been transferred, new James Monroe degrees have been issued to me or anybody else, as Galanga has hastily concluded.

    Secondly, I wish to express my amazement on the unbelievable fact that Galanga and others in your forum have been for some time now calling me the "Chief Provost" and, lately, also the "Chancelor" of SRU!!! As this hasty conclusion that I hold those posts at SRU or JMU, obviously based on double vision or some other visual or, perhaps, other defect, has been perpetuating itself and, as usual, it seems to have become "true" for many (nobody there ever cares to double-check?), I'd like to make the following statement:

    The only occasion in which my name appears in association with the words "Chief Provost" in the SRU and now JMU website is the following, "Chief Provost and Dean of Behavioral Sciences of Athenaeum International". Please read carefully, I hope this misunderstanding which you have been spreading as one of your "truths" is quite evident and no further explanations are needed.

    I do not hold and never have I held the positions of Chief Provost or Chancelor or any other position of an administrative nature either at Saint Regis or James Monroe universities.

    Clear enough Mr Galanga and others? I suggest you get a new pair of glasses or whatever other prosthetics you may need and soon.

    John S. Dovelos"
  6. Len

    Len New Member

    "Hi, I truly wish you all a very happy New Year despite everything that has happened.
    I have a confession to make, I had absolutely nothing against any of you and I even appreciated and respected certain members of your forum, until a few months ago when an entire thread, 3 or 4 pages long, suddenly disappeared and I was banned without a warning or an explanation.
    In that thread, which had not been started by me but by Galanga, I was as civil and appreciative of comments and suggestions as anyone could be. I simply answered questions and provided whatever information it was required of me.
    The last post I had time to read before the thread vanished, made certain thinly veiled suggestions to the administrators, some of you know what I mean, immediately after those suggestions the thread simply disappeared.
    I bet that most of you would have taken personal offence and thought the worst of people engaging in such behavior.
    Galanga, I do apologize for the twice repeated typo in the word "Chancellor" and thank you for the correction.
    Dr Jallah Faciann has been the administrative head of SRU for some time now. His name appeared in the SRU site, but it has dissapeared from the JMU site. I don't know the reasons for that, it may be just an oversight, but Dr Faciann continues to be the top administrator of SRU now JMU.
    Although a good portion of the page quoted by Galanga is missing, he may be right. Probably the qualifier, Athenaeum International, was missing and was added later. I'm going to find out about that.
    However, the SRU now JMU schools are independent from SRU, now JMU. Whatever appears on the schools' pages refers to the schools and not SRU.
    And, again, I've never been involved in any way or form in the administration of SRU or JMU. My only real connection with these universities is that I agreed to an affiliation which consists only of making my school of Behavioral Sciences directly available to SRU now JMU students. That's all.

    Again, my sincere best wishes to all of you.

    John S. Dovelos"
  7. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Hi John,

    I have a pair of nose-glasses at home. Maybe I should have worn them while viewing the SRU/JMU site.

    I would prefer that threads remain available, but locked, perhaps with a closing comment explaining the reasons for the actions taken. However, I respect the forum administrators' judgment and have no quarrel with their actions. In comparison with some other fora DegreeInfo is most remarkable: there is good information to be found here. The acid in posts tends to be directed at shills for unsavory organizations, folks who will not offer documentation to support their assertions.

    Your outbursts would seem counterproductive-- you are banned from discussion groups and (I imagine) harm the chances of the defendants in the Regis University suit. It seems unwise conduct, and your association with JMU via its sponsorship of your "School of Behavioral Sciences" would seem to imperil this relabeled SRU.


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