Even without FEMA acceptance, a TESC degree can still be cheap!

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  1. sanantone

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    Note: These degree plans can be made cheaper by taking several Straighterline courses in one month or earning 12 credits on language CLEPs. My plans are based off of TESC's Per Credit Tuition Plan.

    BSBA in General Management

    General Education

    English Comp I: CLEP Composition General (6 credits) - $100
    English Comp II: Overage from CLEP - $0
    College Algebra or Quantitative Analysis: ALEKS College Algebra - $20
    Managerial Communication: Saylor Corporate Communication - $25
    Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills: ALEKS Precalculus (or Trigonometry, duplicates) - $0

    Human Cultures and the Natural and Physical World
    Macroeconomics: Uexcel - $95
    Microeconomics: Uexcel - $95
    Statistics: ALEKS Intro to Statistics, Business Statistics, or Statistics for Behavioral Sciences - $0

    Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, or Interdisciplinary Electives (9 credits)
    Any 6-credit liberal arts test - $100
    ALEKS Intermediate Algebra- $0

    Personal and Social Responsibility
    Diversity/Global Literacy: Any qualified Uexcel - $95
    Responsible Ethical Leadership: Any qualified Uexcel - $95
    Ethics or Diversity Elective: Any qualified Uexcel - $95

    General Education Electives (18 credits)
    Saylor Intro to Western Political Thought - $25
    Saylor Calculus I - $25
    6-credit CLEP - $100
    6-credit CLEP - $100

    Business Core
    Principles of Finance: Uexcel - $95
    Business Law: Saylor Business Law and Ethics - $25
    Business in Society: TECEP - $108
    Strategic Management: TECEP - $108
    Computer Requirement: Saylor Intro to Computer Science I - $25
    Intro to Marketing: Saylor - $25
    Principles to Financial Accounting: TECEP - $108
    Principles of Managerial Accounting: TECEP - $108
    Principles of Management – Saylor $25

    Area of Study Options 18 credits (Credits must be in at least three areas out of Accounting, Management, Finance, and Marketing. At least 12 credits must be upper level.)
    Saylor Business Statistics (transcribed as UL Operations Management) - $25
    TECEP Federal Income Taxation – $108
    TECEP Sales Management - $108
    TECEP Advertising - $108
    TECEP Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - $108
    Any qualified business Uexcel - $95

    Business Electives
    6 credits from TEEX (I'm not sure if the 4 CIS credits will count, but some others do.)- $0
    Any business Uexcel - $95

    Free Electives (6 credits)
    NFA (3 credits) - $0
    Uexcel - $95

    Total: $2339
    With graduation ($290), application ($75), and technology services fee ($121): $2825
    With transcript fees from ACE ($45), CLEP ($20), and DSST ($30): $2920

    BA in Liberal Studies

    General Education Requirements

    English Comp I: CLEP Composition General (6 credits) - $100
    English Comp II: CLEP Composition General - $0
    Mathematics: ALEKS - $20
    Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills: ALEKS - $0
    Electives in Intellectual and Practical Skills: Saylor Calculus I - $25

    Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World (18 credits)
    Humanities: Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP (6 credits) - $100
    Social Sciences: 6-credit Social Science and History CLEP - $100
    Natural Sciences: ALEKS - $0

    9 credits in Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, or Interdisciplinary
    Overage from 6-credit humanities test - $0
    Overage from 6-credit social science test - $0
    ALEKS - $0

    Personal and Social Responsibility
    Diversity/Global Literacy: Any acceptable Uexcel - $95
    Responsible Ethical Leadership: Any acceptable Uexcel - $95
    Other Ethics or Diversity Course: Any acceptable Uexcel - $95

    18 credits in General Education Electives
    Saylor Intro to Computer Science I - $25
    Saylor Intro to Western Political Thought - $25
    6-credit American Literature CLEP - $100
    6-credit English Literature - $100

    Liberal Studies Area of Study: 33 credits, 18 UL credits, 6-credit limit on 100-level courses, and credits in at least two broad areas (natural science/mathematics, humanities, and social science)
    Saylor Corporate Communication (UL) - $25
    TECEP Marketing Communication (UL) - $108
    TECEP Abnormal Psychology (UL) - $108
    Any UL liberal arts Uexcel - $95
    Any UL liberal arts Uexcel- $95
    Any liberal arts TECEP 100-level or above - $108
    Any liberal arts TECEP 100-level or above - $108
    Any liberal arts TECEP 200-level or above - $108
    Any liberal arts TECEP 200-level or above - $108
    Any liberal arts TECEP 200-level or above - $108
    Required liberal arts capstone (UL) - $1428

    27 Credits in Free Electives
    NFA (3 credits) - $0
    TEEX (6 credits) - $0
    Saylor Business Law and Ethics - $25
    Saylor Business Statistics - $25
    Saylor Principles of Management - $25
    Humanities CLEP (6 credits) - $100
    Any unused Uexcel - $95
    = 270

    Total: $3549
    With graduation ($290), application ($75), and technology services fees ($121): $4035
    With transcript fees for ACE ($45), DSST ($30), and CLEP ($20): $4130
  2. Penpusher

    Penpusher New Member

    Hi sanantone,

    first of all, thank you for all your posts in which you show pathways to degrees, they are extremely helpful. I've got some questions to the BSBA in General Mangement, though:

    You manage to get 4 ALEKS courses plus 2 Saylor maths courses in - isn't that a bit redundant? Does TESC really do that? Also, what is NFA?

    And another question about the cost, since I probably haven't understood the system to its full extent. When I use TESC's online cost calculator tool, there is always an Annual Enrollment fee of ~ $3000. Does that come on top of your total or do I just not understand how this works?
  3. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    The math courses are used to fill up a few areas of general education that allow math courses. As long as you meet the other requirements, there is no limit to how many math courses one can use. NFA is the National Fire Academy that is offered by FEMA. They have three ACE-approved courses that are offered online. TESC's online cost calculator does not calculate for the Per Credit Tuition Plan.
  4. Michelle

    Michelle New Member

    This may have been covered somewhere else, but with the Aleks courses, why did you list the first one as $20 and the others as $0? Is it assumed that you'll be able to complete all of them in one month or is there a trick to getting them free that I don't know about?
  5. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    I just assumed one can complete them in a month if one prepares ahead of time like one would do with a CLEP. That's what I did. The ALEKS learning system is too slow.
  6. cookderosa

    cookderosa Resident Chef

    great degree plans!
  7. Penpusher

    Penpusher New Member

    Thanks, that's all very helpful. The Saylor maths courses should give me 6 easy additional credits right there - yeah, that would be a total of 18 credits with maths!

    Will be interesting to see if I could actually sign on for the NFA courses, being from overseas. At first glance it doesn't look like it, but at first glance I also only found 2 courses, since I can't find Q534, i.e. the terrorism response course. Still, I might keep those in mind in case I'm one or two credits short.
  8. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah. Non-U.S. citizens need sponsorship for FEMA EMI courses, so I wouldn't be surprised if they need a sponsor for NFA courses. The three ACE-approved courses are Q118, Q137, and Q318.
  9. Penpusher

    Penpusher New Member

    I was wondering about Q137, since it showed up in ACE's list for 1 credit, whereas NFA's webpage only gives it 0.2 CEUs, compared to the 1.5 CEU's for the other 2 ACE-accredited courses. If the NFA is right, this sounds like the cheapest college credit point ever.

    Probably out of reach for me anyway, and the courses also don't sound particularly interesting. In contrast to that, I find the TEEX courses rather interesting.
  10. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Guess what? My plan should be even cheaper than that! Students under the Per Credit Tuition Plan do NOT have to pay the technology service fee.
  11. Penpusher

    Penpusher New Member

    That would be even better, sanantone. I just realised that I still have questions: What do you mean with Saylor Business Statistics transcribed as UL Operations Management? What does the UL stand for? And what about the capstone requirement? Is that a course I have to do at TESC?
  12. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    UL = upper level. You need at least 12 - 300/400 level credits in the area of study for the business degrees. On Saylor's website, they list how TESC will transcribe its courses. TESC has decided that their Business Statistics course is = to Operations Management. The capstone for the business degrees is Strategic Management. You can test out of it with the TECEP or transfer in an equivalent course from another school. All of the other capstone and current trends and applications courses have to be taken at TESC.

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