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  1. certified

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    first, I would like to ask if there is a complete list of all EU institutes that offer distance learning programs or a complete list of all distance learning programs in EU

    second, I am looking for a EU distance learning BSc in Chemical, Biological, Life, Health Sciences, do you know any?

  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    I know of no comprehensive listing of EU DL programs. Perhaps one of our members has that info and will post it here. As you proceed one factor to consider is the language of instruction. If you are fluent in any non-English languages it will help to direct people's responses. In the meantime you might take a look at the Open University (UK).
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  3. certified

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    thanks for your reply

    if, indeed, there is no such list, then, which would be the best way (algorithm) to follow in order to find and compare the programs I want, without leaving any programs out because I didnt manage to find them?

    1) search google for the terms of the science I need, adding the terms 'distance learning' ?
    2) finding (if there is any) a complete list of all EU educational institutes and see in their websites if they have any D/L (distance learning) programs?
    3) emailing the appropriate educational counselling organization of each EU country? which could be the Ministry of Education, or anything else...

    what do you suggest? but the crucial for me is that I will need to have in my hands ALL the D/L that are available in all EU countries, so that I will be able to make the correct decision
    I am looking for English-only language, in any European University, that award distance learning Bachelor

    I have looked at Open University, but haven't find a Bachelor that appeals to me, they have a Bsc in Natural Sciences, that is so abstract that I doubt it will have a significance in a real life CV for a real life job or real life Professional/Scientific Society membership and professional license
  4. muaranah

    muaranah New Member

    I wouldn't write off Open U that easily- did you also see that they have a BSc in Health Sciences?
  5. LLL

    LLL New Member

    Hi, probably these two links might be helpful for your search.
    The first one is to search undergrad programs. You can filter your search distance or not...
    Find Bachelor programmes in Europe -

    The second one is Find online and distance learning studies -
    However, pls note that the search results of these two may not result the same. So a distance bachelor program can be listed in the first portal , but not necessarily captured by the second one. Hope these help.
  6. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    1) if you're going to use google, be sure to use the advanced search function. here's 2 tips: in the data field labeled "this exact word or phrase" you should type "distance learning." the other data fields can contain your subject area interests. also, in the data field labeled "site or domain" you should type the designation for educational institutions (e.g. in the USA this is .edu it's different in every country so you'll have to look them all up.)

    2) i'm not certain why you're fixated on the EU but if you're open to other non-us universities i'd suggest that you look to south africa and australia. both of these countries have a relatively small number of well respected universities that offer dl degrees and so it would be quick work to find what's available from their corners of the world.

    3) if you want to do a school by school search then you could do worse than starting here:

    College and University Home Pages

    4) finally, i'd like to give you a piece of advice based on home-grown psychology. your insistence on needing to know of every single program in the world before you could possibly make a decision is really just a way to avoid making a decision. if you find 10 nice programs that suit your needs will you not pick one because you're telling yourself "there's another one out there, i know there is. and what if it's the best program for me. i can not stop looking until i'm convinced that i know of every program in the universe . . . " do your reasearch, that's fine, but do not procrastinate your decision because of a fantasy of a perfect degree program. it's better to spend your time and energy actually pursuing your degree than to spend your time searching for a unicorn. best of luck. tell us what you find.
  7. certified

    certified New Member

    I dont consider Open UK and other open-only universities, because I dont want to give immediately the impression that my degree was an open distance degree

    dont get me wrong, I dont want to trick any employer or something, it's just that I want to make sure I wont give bad first impressions, and unfortunately, only the name or something of a degree or uni, can give a bad impression (wrong impression, most of the times)

    as for non EU universities, their education system is not harmonized in a well defined manner, as the education systems of EU countries
    I dont say that they are not accredited or recognizable, but it will be more difficult than with a EU uni
    also, it will be financially harder for me (given some tuition fees I have seen and given that I may need to visit the uni for real)

    as for the search of all available programs, I didnt think it was that hard and impossible
    in my EU country, we have a comprehensive list from the Ministry of Education with ALL the available programs
    I thought EU would have done something similar

    and as for avoiding choosing a degree, I can say it is not true at all
    I may seem like a psycho perfectionist or something, but it's just that as a mature student I have limited resources, financial, time, I need to transfer some of my previous educational credits, and so on, which all these in fact, limit the number of suitable programs
  8. certified

    certified New Member

    I saw that, but didnt understand much

    my degree will say that I have a Bachelor in Health Sciences?

    it is like saying that I know Languages... which language exactly?

    Health Sciences is so vast term that I easily bring to my mind future potential employers going like "BSc in Health Sciences? wtf?"

    such degree would work pretty well for undecided people as a first step towards a MSc in a specific subject, but I need something precise
  9. LLL

    LLL New Member

    Hi certified,

    There are two portals actually in Europe, listing the programs Europe-wise.

    the sites are recently updated. Even though previous versions allowed better advanced search options, the new one may help to your search.

    The first one is Find Bachelor programmes in Europe - where you can check which schools offer DL courses at BSc level.

    Alternatively, you may check this one as well Find online and distance learning studies -

    However, just from my experience,eventhough both portals are from the same source, a BSc DL programs appearing in the first portal, may not necessarily appear in the second one. Therefore, I would advise you to check both of them to find a suitable undergrad DL degree in Europe.

    Good luck
  10. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    My brother-in-law obtained his bachelors degree in Biology at the UK Open University.

    Also check ot the University of London and Birbeck.
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  11. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    A prejudiced opinion that only perpetuates other prejudiced opinions. Please explain to us in detail why an open university degree is in any way inferior.
  12. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    The OU degree in health sciences has six pathways:
    Q18 - BA/BSc (Honours) Health and Social Care - Open University Degree

    But that is what you asked for in Post #1.

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