EnterPrise architecture grad. cert or MS/MBA

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    Is anyone aware of certificates or degrees on the graduate level that focus on enterprise architecture that are available online? I have been looking around but so far have not found anything.

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    Thanks for the two recommendations. It turns out the Drexel concentration is only offered on campus. As for the Internet Engineering MS, I am looking for something more EA focused. I already have two BS (CS, IS) and a MS in Information Systems and I am finishing my thesis for an MS in IT with a concentration in Software Engineering right now (submitting dissertation 12/28). As a result I have taken 70+ semester graduate units in IS, CS, and IT (and countless undergrad units)--> I'd rather not take any more IS classes for the time being, and focus on enterprise architecture.
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    I have been looking for such a program for a while myself. I am unable to find any distance programs so far. But if anyone is interested, here is a link to the only program that i found concentrating on EA. It is offered by RMIT and is full time. But hopefully they will start offering it with limited residency or purely online.
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    RMIT Distance Degrees

    Thankyou for finding RMIT University -they have a wide variety of DL degrees including a Doctor Project Management (DPM).
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    Have you considered CMU?

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