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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by ComputerDiva, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. ComputerDiva

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    Just wondering if anyone took on the challenge of enrolling in two colleges at the same? Of course, you can only receive financial aid at one school.

    I am taking a MS in telecommunications at one school and an MA in Instructional Systems Development & Training at another. Eventually I want to go into training and teaching in my field so I figured I would cover both basis. I take two classes at a time at each school while maintain a 3.0 GPA. Both schools are non-profit, regionally accredited schools.
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    I completed a a graduate certificate at the University of Florida while working on my PhD at NCU. I also took some MBA classes at Trident while working on my PhD (I had time in between submissions and feedback for my dissertation). This was only one class at each different school at a time. Finished UF with a 3.2 or something like that and got 4.0's in the Trident classes. My NCU classes were 3.0-4.0 during the time I was doubling up.
  3. Ted Heiks

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    I once attempted simultaneous enrollment in California State University Dominguez Hills' Master of Arts in Humanities with History emphasis and American Military University's Master of Arts in Military Studies with Civil War Studies emphasis. I washed from both programs in 2003.
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    I'm currently enrolled in two programs/schools. First, let me say I'm burned out! That aside, my experience has been that online-only schools require alot of writing while traditional B & M schools that offer online programs do not, as long as they require testing or use other means to assess students. If you hate research writing and one of those schools almost entirely uses writing to assess students, you'll burn out easily. But if both programs are light on writing, you'll be fine. I actually took two terms off from one of the schools that I'm attending, but being back now, it is still tiresome, considering work/life engagements outside of school. Overall, I'm sure you can do it. Just know what it will involve.
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    I was attending Georgetown University's for a second Master degree while at Capella University's Ph.D as the same time. I burned out too, and I would not recommend you to do that. If you attend school and working on your professional certification is recommended, but not both programs/schools.
  6. indiaedu

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    That's great. As long as, you can do both of these courses properly, there's no-one to say you anything. However, studying for both the courses at the same time could be a problem for you. If you can manage, well and good, go for it. Best of Luck...:)

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