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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by thomaskolter, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. thomaskolter

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    Well its official after talking to my counselor with the school I have met all the core requirements and have 60 credits towards a BS in Liberal Studies with a double concentration. One in business and the other in vocational adult education to be specific and we found good schools to do the correspondance and distance learning. My company agreed to be the place to learn the teaching compnent where I must have actual practice teaching in the training department. So the customer service and coordination of services has been excellent and I can look forward to a good credential for my career.

    So with luck and hard work I should have my degree down the road. :D
  2. BlueMason

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    Congrats! ..the first step of a long but fruitful journey :)
  3. RobbCD

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    Good luck. Best wishes.:)
  4. Faxinator

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    Best of luck. I believe I'll be enrolling in Excelsior once I finish my AA at SPC.
  5. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    Well the company improved the education benefits they are giving me a full $5000 for tuition and for job related courses $100 each if accredited regardless as a seperate benefit. So it will help.

    Half my intended degree is job related they include some like Psychology and the like with the credits I transfered in all 20 remaining courses are going to be covered. :D

    $7000 will go a long way to my BS degree there.
  6. Jigamafloo

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  7. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    I have another option and faster a BA in Liberal Arts with a Philosphy emphasis and electives in business I then need around 30 credits. Down side is my company will only pay toward the business courses and part of the tuition. If I did this I would be taking most likely three management related courses, one psychology courses, one business writing course and three education courses (two work study contract courses). The company mostly expects me to get a bachelors they don't care what kind. That was a pleasant surprise the plus side for me is with the three courses I'm taking I can be done in with luck two years.

    If I do switch and they will let me I will just get the credits not applied already added in that includes a full program of philosphy courses.

    If I do go the Liberal Arts in Philosophy route will it hurt my job prospects elsewhere I always found it kind of mixed after all I was very much a classical student taking well everything? lol

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