English-language Título Propio Degrees - Master Thread

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  1. RFValve

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    The Apostille sometimes comes with an online verification service, this allows the verification of the documents online. The American or Canadian concept of transcripts does not apply to many countries, in many countries you are just given one set of transcripts and the apostille is the only thing you have to show that the transcripts are authentic. In the US or Canada, nobody asks for this document but it is useful if you want to work overseas in many countries like Saudi Arabia.
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  2. datby98

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    My wife recently received the Apostille and the delivered package also included a parchment of her propio and a copy of the transcript printed in color.
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    That's awesome, which degree did she get the Apostille for?
  4. datby98

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    "Máster en Administración y Dirección de Empresas"
    Literally, Master in Business Administration and Management, per DeepL. ;)
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    UCN finally sent me my scanned documents of my diploma and transcript after one full year of being approved for graduation. I'm almost at the finish line!

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