English 1A class asap holding me back....

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    I'm trying to apply for RN program here in Cali, and make a long story short I need an English 1A course completed by March 2012 or I will have to wait another year before I will be able to apply. Anyone have any suggestions of accredited colleges???
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    You might first want to find out if your educational institution accepts ACE (AMERICAN Council on Education) credits for transfer. If they do then try the English Composition 1 on Strighterline.com, which is most likely the same as English 1A (please also verify this your educational institute). This would be the fastest way of getting the class done. You also might want to try to research a Community College for a fast pace English 1A class as some do offer it. I hope this helps!
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    Would a CLEP exam suit your needs:
    CLEP Exams | CLEP

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