Engineering for MBA background?

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    Hey Guys,

    I was just wondering if a person from a management background (undergrad and grad) can study engineering (online certificate / diploma)...

    Do all Graduate Certificate / PGDIP programs in Engineering require an Engineering / Science background? Could you suggest the ones that dont require the same?

    Also, if an MBA Finance wants to expand his horizons to technology / technical areas, without committing to a degree program (for knowledge only), which field / institution would you suggest?
  2. KariS

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    It is possible, but you will probably have to take a lot of filler courses, such as statics & dynanics, some chemistry and physics courses (with labs) and heavier math to include differential and integral calculus.
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  4. Ian Anderson

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    One option available to you is the CSUDH BS or MS in Quality Assurance - somewhat technical but it could help you whether you work in the industrial or in the sevice sector.
    They also certificates in this field.
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    I asked this question several years ago and while there are DL programs make sure they have ABET accreditation. Years ago I don't think any did but that may have changed since 2005. Good luck!

    STAR.SMILE New Member

    Thanks all for the help! Will keep looking out for programs!

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