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  1. Pr3dict

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    Hello all,

    First of all I love the information available on this site but I was hoping for a little detailed information.

    I have a bunch of credits from my start of a bachelors degree from SUNY Farmingdale and CUNY John Jay but life got in the way and now I work full time.... A few years later I have a bunch of FEMA courses done and a few handful's worth of NYS OEM (Office of Emergency Management) training's. Probably about 300-400 hours worth.

    It's time for me to finally get my BA/S or AA/S.

    I think I want to get a degree from SUNY Empire State College because of the SUNY name and also it has a Bachelors degree but I want to use the credits from FEMA as well....

    From what I can tell SUNY ESC is the only college that accepts the NYS OEM classes and turns them into credits but ....

    Freddericks CC is the only place that takes FEMA and turns them into a degree..

    Could I essentially get a degree from Freddericks and then apply that degree towards a lot of what I need for the Bachelors at SUNY ESC?

    Any other options are also appreciated.

  2. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    Charter oak state college will take you FEMA direct from EMI and free of charge, your NY OEM might be eligible for credit if Nccrs reviewed (formerly ponsi).
  3. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    You can check your NY OEM courses here College Credit Recommendations: National CCRS If you find them at least the Big three (Thomas Edison State College, Charter Oak State College, and Exclesior of NY) will accept them based on the recommendation you see there.

    To answer your question about Frederick CC degree transferring to another college for a bachelors this answer is...it depends. In general most schools will look at the type of lower level credit (fema in your case) and they will make a determination on rather or not they accept it. I would suspect there are only a small handful of colleges that will take the frederick CC AS in whole other than those schools with FCC articulation agreements or the Big 3 schools mentioned above. For example look at the FCC articulation agreement (#2) on this page with Charter Oak Frederick Community College
  4. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    SUNY Empire says this on their website:

    "Students may also be able to apply for credit for college-level learning obtained from training programs conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state emergency management agencies." if that's the case there is likely no need to involve (and have to pay for FCC)...but its a question you need to ask SUNY Empire I think.

    Emergency, Fire, and Security | Associate and Bachelor's Degrees | SUNY Empire State College

    The cost may not matter to you, but know there are great alternatives like Charter Oak and Excelsior that could be a lot cheaper than SUNY Empire.
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  5. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Excelsior would require the FCC transcript, so the only benefit over Empire is that Excelsior doesn't have a residency requirement. I see the OP is also concerned with the type of degree. If the OP is looking for emergency management, then Excelsior and Charter Oak don't have that. Excelsior has a homeland security concentration within a criminal justice degree, but this is not test out friendly. Charter Oak has the public safety degree, but this is also not test out friendly. In other words, if the OP wants a degree that's closely related to emergency management, then Excelsior and Charter Oak will require about as much coursework as Empire. Excelsior does have liberal arts and Charter Oak has individualized studies and liberal studies, but those are degree titles that have to be explained to employers over and over again.
  6. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    I interpreted the OP as wanting to use FEMA and other EM related non traditional credit towards an accredited degree, he may well be able to do that at SUNY, but I was demonstrating options.
  7. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    I think I misread "it has a bachelors degree but I want" as "it has the bachelors degree I want." LOL.
  8. Pr3dict

    Pr3dict New Member

    Thanks for all the replies everyone.

    To be honest I will take whatever I can get. I figured with the FEMA classes I have and all the trainings from the OEM from NY that I could use that towards a degree. Emergency management degree would seem like an easy thing because of what I have but I am open to anything to be honest. The name of the school doesnt really matter to me. I did some more research on SUNY Empire state and it seems that college has a lot of "busy work" and I'm not really into that type of thing.

    I have about 30-40 credits from SUNY Farmingdale and CUNY John Jay that range from gen ed classes to upper level psych classes. The issue though is this........................................................

    I signed up for Winter intercession classes a year or so ago but thats when Sandy hit and I was busy with the FD and I never attended classes. Farmingdale has a policy that if you do not cancel your classes before the start then you are accountable for paying for them. Well, they want me to pay $2800 for the classes that I never took and I 1. don't have the money to spare for classes I never took, and 2. Think that is insanely wrong. SOOOOOO, I can't get my transcripts from them because of this.

    Also the last fall semester I was with them I kinda bombed and my gpa dropped from around a 3.4 to in the 1's so I think it would be nice to start over somewhere.

    So it looks like from anyone that FCC for their associates is a good place to be or Excelsior. Any quick guides or anything on those schools? How I should proceed so I don't waste time/money.

  9. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    Any legitimate school will require transcripts of your previous work. You need to settle your outstanding debt and get your official grades. You can test out and even take classes in the meantime but this issue must be dealt with.

    I would approach the schools finance manager or president, explain the sandy problem, and get something worked out.
  10. Pr3dict

    Pr3dict New Member

    So I went to the CCRS website and I see that a current member has some of the exact same training that I have from another organization not listed. To be more specific.

    The NYC Fire department and the Nassau County Fire Academy both have trainings evaluated for credit but I received my training from the Suffolk County Fire Academy... The only thing is that all the certificates are issued by the NYS OEM. So is my training still sufficient because we all get the same certificate from the state?

    The state is the one saying that those three training facilities meet their teaching standards for training so I would assume that they are equal in the eyes of CCRS.

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