Elizabeth Warren as a Native American

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    I don’t check into DLT very often, but on occasion I find that the one regular they have (who posts under multiple names) will post something so hysterical that it makes going there lots of fun. On rare occasion.

    One of the threads that was recently posted there links to a Youtube video of Elizabeth Warren in one of her many claims to having a Native American lineage. It’s worth watching . . .

    Musical theatre geeks will immediately recognize it as a photoshopped version of Betty Hutton in the movie version of Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun. Here’s the original version . . .

    This, of course, is one of the many songs in a classical musical that could never be done today – it’s waaaaay too politically incorrect.

    Interesting trivia note: Betty Hutton caught a lot of hell from her fellow cast members in Annie Get Your Gun. She was hired to replace Judy Garland, who was originally cast in the role (there is also a version on Youtube of Garland doing the song, which was recorded before she was fired for doing a too many pills and booze). Since Garland was a superstar despite her proclivities and the rest of the cast preferred to work with a superstar, Hutton took a lot of hell from them after she was brought in.

    Despite the political incorrectness of the piece, one has to admit that it’s funny as hell in light of Warren’s claims to Native American heritage.

    And you wonder why I find musical theatre more fun than higher education . . .
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