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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by mamorse, Aug 28, 2001.

  1. mamorse

    mamorse New Member

    I'll have nothing to do with any degree mill until I find one that awards degrees for lifetime experience gained in a previous life... [​IMG]

  2. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    You sound badly in need of past-life counseling. Luckily you can take a CA-approved home study course in it from:

    The same people will train you to be an ET-abduction counselor. You never know when that's gonna come in handy.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Not to worry, Mark. American College of Metaphysical Theology offers the Ph.D. for $199 ( www.americancollege.com ). Since ACMT seems to lean toward primal and Eastern religions, one could possibly earn the Ph.D. based on one's past lives. Of course, one would still need to submit the $199--as this would cover the cost of validating 3000 years of portfolio documentation. [​IMG]

  4. Bill Highsmith

    Bill Highsmith New Member

    This is sort of opposite of what you're looking for, but some degree mills will back-date your award. Probably for an extra $50., they'd back-date it to before you were born so that you'd have a credential for your past-life experience.
  5. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Karma University was fully described in the 8th or 9th edition of Bears' Guide. That was indeed their academic plan.

    The problem is, that was the made-up school, one or more of which appears in each edition of Bears' Guide, to protect the copyright. This one had a real address and, depressingly, it got an average of 3 or 4 letters a week, nearly all from people who wanted to know how much credit they'd get for having been Nero or Florence Nightingale, etc.

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