Elite Spanish Online Master of Data Science 4,350 Euro

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    Anyone know anything about this program? I found this while looking up online programs on google. It's offered by Universidad Complutense Madrid, one of the world's oldest universities and one of the elite universities (top 3-5) in Spain. It counts among its alumni Spanish kings, queens (including the current one), nobel prize winners, and national heros.

    For 4,350 Euro, that seems like a steal for such a reputed university. I tried searching degreeinfo if this was discussed before and didn't find anything.
  2. Rachel83az

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    I'm a bit dubious about this because it says that students will receive "a certificate of postgraduate in their own right" and that makes me think that this might be a titulo propio degree.
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    Remember that state Universities are usually free of tuition fees (or almost free) in Europe.
    Seems like a really great find this Master if you´re interested in this subject.
    However I also tend to believe it´s a propio degree which doesn´t make it a bad choice.
  5. SteveFoerster

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    Then there's this: https://www.nticmaster.es/en/home/

    It's not immediately clear whether this is a titulo propio arrangement or an OPM arrangement like those in the U.S. system. (Not that there's anything wrong with either.)
  6. Rachel83az

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    I agree; there's nothing wrong with either. But if you are hoping to get something that can be evaluated as equivalent to a US Master's degree then a titulo propio possibly isn't going to work. It's very frustrating.
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    Ntic Master is a consulting firm that linked up with UCM to provide training programs. Whenever you see terms like "Own title", or the like, it's a propio program. From all appearances this is a propio program. Regardless of the hangups our evaluators here in the U.S. have, it's important to note that accredited Universities in Spain offer propios.

    It would be an interesting experiment for somebody to complete a propio offered directly from a University fully accredited and in the RUCT database and see what the evaluation results would be. They wouldn't be able to deem it unaccredited, so I can only imagine what other convolution U.S. evaluators would come up with to deny its fair standing.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I looked at the pages you were all referencing and it does look like a propio. On the other hand, the university issuing it is a very respected university with ties to top US schools like Harvard.

    With its prestige and past history, I have trouble believing that evaluators would see this as anything less than a masters degree in both the US and Canada. If there was one exception to the propio equivalence rule, this would probably be it.

    Also, I was thinking of using this for personal development and as a resume-filler - I already have a US MBA and just need a data science credential to add to my credibility at work (I work in the Analytics / AI field). What if Harvard or Oxford, for example, were to offer Propio masters degrees (I know that's impossible but let's just think about it in theory) will anyone (outside academia) care? A more realistic example is the fact that UK 1-year masters degrees from elite schools like LSE are not recognized in India, but there are still tons of Indians who go there.

    Thanks Steve for the ntic link. That setup does look really strange. Even priced the same as the degree offered straight from UCM.

    If there's anything I've learned from the Spanish education system is that's it's confusing as hell LOL.
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    If you'd be satisfied with a postgrad certificate, I say go for it. Even for a "certificate", the price is really good. If you go through with it and do get it evaluated, let us know how it comes out.
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    I feel like this degree would be a lot easier to defend than the ENEB one, just because of Google. An in, Google gives someone who searches the name of the institution this:


    Founded in 1293, made a university in 1499, affiliated Nobel laureates? I don’t have a clue how it would evaluate, but it would absolutely pass most people’s smell test of typing it into Google and seeing what came up.
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    Based on the information in Spanish, it is a Masters but propio. It is not a certificate. Even as a propio degree, the price is great and the school has a very good reputation.

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