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    During my research, I thought you could only complete an ABET accredited online BSEE via ASU, however it turns out there is another option:

    Clemson University ( this is a degree completion program!)

    BS in Electrical Engineering | EPCE is a good start to look at - Clemson partnered with Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline), so you can do your pre-reqs through there and then transfer in. I'm sure you can also transfer in other credits, but it is nice to know that ASU is not the only game in town.

    Clemson Online: $664/crhr
    ASU: $707/crhr
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    Wow ASU went up to $700/hr ~

    anyway, Morgan State has an online degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

    Electrical & Computer Engineering 2+2 Program

    It's a completion program, so you'll have to take the first 2 years elsewhere. Rio Solado and other online CCs can fulfill all the pre-req.
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    That looks to not be ABET. Another EE program not ABET is the APU/AMU one.
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    The options for an engineering degree online are really drying up but, it seems even in brick and mortar schools they are vanishing as well. I've seen several local colleges drop their engineering programs either completely or from branches outside the main campus.

    The accreditation system in our country is a disaster and from my research, the cause behind this. ABET accreditation should have no bearing on whether you qualify to take the licensing test. Passing it is all that should matter.

    I'm extremely disappointed with our system in this nation after seeing schools with regional, ABET, and sometimes beyond, accreditation but their engineering programs are a clown show that hire people not fit to teach a typing course let alone engineering topics.

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