Eight CA community colleges to offer Bachelors degrees

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    Yeah I think you hit the nail on the head there.

    My cc aggressively steers graduates to the "feeder schools" (UC/CSU's). They offer 3 general education plans; a UC plan, a CSU plan, and what they refer to as a terminal plan where you can obtain an AS/AA without the possibility of transfer. The counseling department often tries to steer students into the first two, and IMO misleads students when saying the credits earned using that the third option will not transfer. The situation is really sad, because they leave out the notion that you could transfer to a private school not affiliated with UC/ CSU system with any one of the three general education options. But at the end of the day we can't forget, college is becoming a very lucrative business; so I guess in that regard it explains why they do the things they do.
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    Many California community colleges do just the opposite: they have clearly defined articulation agreements with private universities. For example, De Anza College (in the South Bay) lists articulation agreements with some 20 private universities, including Golden Gate, Loyola Marymount, USF, USC, University of the Pacific, and even Syracuse.

    USC (which is private) is one of the top targets for community college transfer students in California (although probably more popular with students in southern Cal). For example, USC enrolled 1,430 transfer students in 2014, and most of them (58%) came from California community colleges.
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