Educational Credential Evaluators--legit??

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    I had to come to the source that has helped me many times in the past! Does anyone know if Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. is legit? I have a friend from Mexico who went to college several years to study accounting before she moved to US. She said she never received a degree. She turned in all her credits to this place ( and they told her she has the equivalent of 136 credit hours !! They said she has the equivalent of the major in Business Administration/Accounting but looks as if she will need to get the general ed classes. 136 credit hours is a lot! More than is required for a Bachelor's degree but all of those credits appear to be in the area of accounting/business. Can someone tell me if this place is for real or a scam? Also advice on what is her next best step to fast track to a Bachelors. THANKS!!!!!
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    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc

    ECE is an established evaluator of foreign credentials. They are a NACES member organization. They are definitely legit!
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    What I suggest is that she downloads the requirements for a business degree from Charter Oak, Excelsior, and Thomas Edison colleges and compare the courses evaluated by ECE against the college requirements. She may still be lacking specific business courses.

    Another option would be to earn a BS in Liberal Arts from Excelsior - she could apply 59 of her business units as electives.

    She would be required to take 60 units og general education - many could be earned by taking challenge exams such as CLEP and DSST. She could take CLEP Spanish for credit as a starter -

    Once she earns this BS she could then perhaps add a business degree using remaining credits. If this route looks appealing she should be careful to apply the appropriate credits to each degree.

    Is it possible that some of her courses are graduate level? Then she might put them to a masters degree following a BS degree.

    Hope this helps.

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