(MOOC) is going to start charging money!

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    0 is a free MOOC website with courses in the form of cartoons. They have courses to prepare you for CLEP, Dantes/DSST, Excelsior exams, etc. Well they say there going to start charging money for their courses. I wish them good luck and I appreciate the help they gave me to pass all of my CLEP exams. I want to see how this works out for them with all of the free MOOC's out there. I should have known when I got a survey from them asking how would I feel if they started charging moolah. I told them I'd drop em like a hot potato. Guess it don't matter anymore as I am done. It's a shame because their cartoon courses were great. You gotta love the greed in academia.
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    So you want them to keep giving you something for nothing forever? You're right, there's definitely greed in academia....
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    I don't see a problem with charging for study materials for exams that are worth college credit. I just prefer the flashcards offered by InstantCert over the boring videos offered by Education-Portal. When I do watch videos, I watch the ones on because they're more entertaining. However, I will not pay for the MOOCs that don't lead to college credit.

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