EDUC 518 at Liberty University?

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    Has anyone taken this course? I'm trying to determine whether or not I want to tackle it along with EDUC 701. I didn't have an educational research course in my MA, so I have to take this masters-level course in my Ed.S. program.

    I'm already slated for an intensive this July (EDUC 741), but I will be able to take care of all of the pre-intensive work before I start EDUC 701. I'm trying to figure out if it will be too much to take EDUC 518 with these courses.

    I did have a graduate course in research methods, but it was not education-specific, so I still have to take EDUC 518. The subject matter isn't new to me, though.

    I have already looked at the course guide, but some of the assignments are sufficiently vague. When it says "literature review," I don't really have a gauge of what that means, as I know they could span 50 pages in some cases. I don't think this would be the case here, but I wanted to know if anyone else had gone through this and could confirm.

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    If you have had a prior graduate level research course you should be fine. Of course you will work your butt off as Educ 518 is fairly rigorous. First three weeks is slow and then you are having to turn out quite a bit of material. You are doing a research proposal and it is the real deal so eight weeks is somewhat quick for a proposal. You must come up with a real research problem or gap and present your research questions, abstract, topical reference list with a minimum of ten peer reviewed--both qualitative and quantitative , a summary which synthesizes the material. Then you will start your full literature review which is fairly substantial --I believe ten pages. Then you write it all up and present your proposal in a twenty-five page ppt presentation. There is a couple of qualitative and quantitative article reviews. However, each assignment only requires one or two pages. The quizzes are not difficult if you have read your text you will get a good score 90-100 %. So my advice is, if you have a prior research course and the energy EDUC 518 and EDUC 701 are doable. I took EDUC 518 alone because when I entered the M.A. program I just passed LU's writing assessment (440) and have really had to play catch up, this past two years, as far as graduate level writing. So if you have excellent writing skills, the time and the prior research methods course I would go for it--you will do well.
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    I'm going to hold off on it. The proposal, the post-intensive assignments, and the EDUC 701 assignments would all come due at the same time. I would prefer to be able to focus my energy on the project proposal, as I would like to do it to get some early legwork done for my eventual dissertation.

    I will probably take it this fall in the middle sub term, as I could space my work better there.

    I have to keep telling myself that this EdS/EdD journey isn't going to be a quick one.

    Thanks for the information, though. This is one of the reasons I love DegreeInfo!
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    I took the 518 in conjunction with 703 but it was rough. Like the poster above stated, be prepared to work your butt off. I've cleared my inbox, if you have any specific questions let me know.

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