EdS/Phd Hybrid/Online School Psychology programs?

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  1. nyvrem

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    does anyone have any recommendations?

    So far I know Fort Hays has a MS + EdS program that's mostly online.

    EWU has one too.

    Still looking around for more.
  2. chrisjm18

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    Are you seeking licensure or are you already licensed and seeking to advance your career?

    School Counseling
    University of West Alabama
    University of Alabama
    Hampton University
    Georgia State University
    University of the Cumberlands

    Mental Health Practices in Schools
    University of Missouri
  3. nyvrem

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    seeking licensure

  4. Jonathan Whatley

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    School counseling and school psychology are separate professions with separate training programs and licensure pathways.
  5. Jonathan Whatley

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    University of Alabama lists an MA in Educational Psychology - School Psychometry and an EdS in Educational Psychology - School Psychology.

    The EdS is definitely low-res. "Each fall and spring semester students participate in two intensive 10-hour weekend sessions held on the main campus." It isn't immediately clear, looking at different descriptions in different parts of the Bama website, whether the MA is low-res too or is fully online.

    Applicants for either must be state-certified educators with two years FTE. For the EdS applicants must hold state certification in school psychometry, special education, or the equivalent in another state. Note that UA also has fully on-campus school psychology programs that are NASP-approved, but the low-res or online (Bama By Distance, "distance learning") programs do not hold NASP approval.

    Capella University lists a low-res PsyD in School Psychology. Residencies are described as "a total of six weeks over the course of 3 years," "throughout the U.S. at alternating locations each year… chosen based the number of Capella students in the area. Past locations have included Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, and Arlington."

    The page about the PsyD residencies mentions a Capella MS and specialist certificate in school psychology, but those appear to have been phased out. If Capella has recently phased out other programs in school psychology, I'm thinking prospective students should consider the long-term outlook for the Capella PsyD in school psychology. Applicants must have a master's in psychology or related.
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    aye, i'm looking for school psychologist programs that lead to licensure
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    You are welcome.

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