Ed.D. or DBA?

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    Juvenile Justice

    I am wondering if a Ed.D. or an DBA is better for a business faculty position at a college or university?

    I did my B.Sc. in Criminal Justice (Private, For-profit College) while I was a cop in my home country.

    Currently pursuing my MBA in General Management (Private, Nonprofit University) and working in public safety at a Pennsylvanian university.

    I intend to pursue a post-master's certificate in Community College Teaching (Public, State University). This program culminates with 3 months (45 hours) of internship at a community college.

    I am now wondering which doctoral program would be best for a faculty position teaching business. I am kinda drawn to the Ed.D from the University of the Cumberlands because of the cost (under 24k). This Ed.D also provides 18 credits in a area of specialty (business included). My fear is that DBAs are too expensive and I don't want to opt for one that's not at an AACSB accredited school.

    Please advice.

    Thank you!
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    At first glance, it seems like the DBA is your best bet, if you want to teach business courses. However, if AACSB accreditation isn’t a concern, then the Cumberlands EdD with a specialization in business seems like a good option. Are you sure they have a business specialization?

    Does the university that you work for have doctoral programs with an employee-tuition discount?

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