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    Can anyone suggest a book that would help my wife prepare for this exam? She works in HR and has a basic knowledge of the subject, but she wants to know it in more detail for her job. While she's at it, I suggested, she might as well get some college credit. Any recommendations?
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    I took the exam about a year ago and it was not very hard but it was not easy. I did not study but I did take classes at CCU that somewhat prepared me for the test.

    Page 13 of this guide - - recommends a book to use to study for the test. I did study for the Research Methods in Psy test from ECE and did use the recommended study guide and score a "B". The recommended study guides are probably the best path to take.
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    Fed & State Labor Laws free on the WWW, and Barrons Business Lib. Human Resources.

    The MUST for this exam is that you read and understand the fundamentals of US labor law and dispute resolution agreements.
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    Re: Re: Re: ECE - Labor Relations

    No, not sufficient. One of the most instructive first steps in dealing with this exam (or any exam) is to consider its CONTENT OUTLINE. See pages 5-8 of the ECE content guide, "Labor Relations", obtainable at . This details the areas to be assessed in the exam, and the portion of the exam that each area will comprise. This way you can gauge how much time to spend on study of any single area and its subordinate parts.

    You can, if you choose to do so, insert each topic into a google search, read and understand the point, make a note, then move on. For example:-

    The area of Collective Bargaining comprises one quarter of the entire exam. Pick a topic within this area at random. Section B within the area, subsection 1:

    “Legal definition of collective bargaining.”

    copy "legal definition of collective bargaining" into the google tool bar, press enter, wait 0.12 seconds, and peel off the answer:

    "COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT - An agreement negotiated between a labor union and an employer that sets forth the terms of employment for the employees who are members of that labor union. This type of agreement may include provisions regarding wages, vacation time, working hours, working conditions, and health insurance benefits. "
    (The 'Lectric Law Library's Lexicon).

    Repeat procedure for all areas and sections.

    Advantages of the method
    The information is presented in manageable and memorable chunks. The method of enquiry will compel a comprehensive review of each area and each topic within each area. You will become more cognizant of the structure of the exam, chronologically (how time must be apportioned) and materially (what fits where in the material examined). The exercise will cost zero dollars.

    Alternatively, a less structured approach:

    See site below for succinct crib on important developments in federal labor laws. Short, free, and very useful.


    Then for the most current regulations
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    Re: Re: ECE - Labor Relations

    Can all that's needed on Labor Laws be found at

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