easy or minimal studying clep, dantes and ECE exams

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  1. does anyone have any suggestions on what clep, dantes, and excelsior exams are easy or require little studying.
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    Hi originalbigjim,

    "Easy" is such a relative term. What one person finds easy, another might find difficult.

    Also, ALL of these exams require a lot of study UNLESS you already know the subject well enough to pass. That goes without saying.

    If you are a Drug & Alcohol Abuse counselor, you would likely find the 'Drug & Alcohol Abuse' exam to be VERY easy. If you aren't, you will probably need to do some serious study before taking the exam.

    However, the general consensus seems to be that Intro to Sociology is one of the easiest subjects to learn adequately enough to pass the exam.

    Other examples might include:

    DANTES Intro to Computing
    CLEP Info Sys & Computer Apps
    CLEP Analyzing & Interpreting Literature
    CLEP Principles of Management
    DANTES Principles of Supervision
    DANTES Intro to Business
    DANTES Criminal Justice

    I'm sure everyone you ask will have a different list of what THEY think are the 'easiest' exams. That's the nature of the beast! It's all relative.

    The truth is, I haven't come across an exam yet that didn't require either adequate prior knowledge, or supplementary study in order to pass. People fail these exams all the time. So you definitely want to have a healthy respect for each and every one of them.

    I hope this helps.

    Best of luck to you!
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    hey i have a warning for everyone .....

    i know people like to flex their egos and say ...hey i passed such and such CLEP or DANTEs exam with ease......

    but if you the 1st timer who are studying it for the first time with some pre-based knowledge on the topic ....

    dont be over confident and say hey i dont need to study or memorize these things or i shouldnt look further into some unkown area of the exam topic b/c i am so great and know everything ....

    that attitude will lead you to pass with 43 or 46 instead of 67 or 75s......

    and many people learn or aquire knowledge in different methods......

    so humble yourself down to the unknown consequences......

    review 1st the topics and assess the knowledge you lack ....

    Goood Luck !!!
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    easy ones I have taken-

    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Criminal Justice
    08-14-2002 DANTES Intro to Law Enforcement

    09-04-2002 DANTES Intro to Computing
    09-04-2002 DANTES Organizational Behav
    09-04-2002 DANTES Envir and Humanity
    09-09-2002 DANTES – HR Management
    09-09-2002 DANTES Tech Writing
    09-09-2002 DANTES Intro to Business
    09-12-2002 DANTES Here’s to you Health
    09-17-2002 CLEP History and Social Science
    09-19-2002 ECE Labor relations
    09-22-2002 DANTES Ethics
    09-22-2002 DANTES MIS
    09-26-2002 ECE Production/Operation Mgt
    09-30-2002 CLEP English w/essay
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    I know that it has been awhile since you sat for these exams, but ....

    Do you remember your experience with the following exams:

    CLEP Hist & social science

    ECE Labor relations

    ECE Prod/Opp management

    Do you remember what u used to study?
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    CLEP Hist & social science - I had taken the US History I CLEP and I had gotten the Comex book for this exam

    ECE Labor relations - nothing

    ECE Prod/Opp management - nothing

    I was in the Army Reserves and the tests were free. I just took one after another without fear because they were free. Also, I had just finished my BS from CCU so I am sure that helped.

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