Earon Scores "A" on first HW-MBA Exam

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Earon Kavanagh, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. IT-DL

    IT-DL New Member

    First off, congratulations!

    I just looked at the H-W website, and it seems like the they have a General MBA, is this correct? Or do they also offer concentrations? I'm now considering H-W but would want an IT concentration.

  2. Jmarion

    Jmarion New Member

    General MBA

    At the time I did the MBA--there were no specializations. Had there been specializations at the time, I probably would have done one.
  3. Professor Kennedy

    Professor Kennedy New Member

    The EBS MBA offers a general MBA programme and four specialisation MBAs: Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Strategic Focus.

    En route to these, you can take a Certificate in Business Administration (2 core classes and one elective) and a Diploma in Business Administration (six classes).

    The EBS MBA now leads to a DBA in Strategic Focus (11 subject classes + a dissertation) and en route to the DBA, if selected by the student, an exit route to a MSc in Strategic Focus.

    I post this purely for reliable information. :D
  4. John Spies

    John Spies Member

    Professor Kennedy,
    I am very interested in Heriot-Watt and hope to enroll soon. One question regarding exemptions; is upper-division credit in Human Resources and Organizational Behavior coupled with industry experience and formal industry training enough to get an exemption?
    It really would sway my choice to HW as the cost would be decreased significantly and regretfully, my pocketbook dictates this decision. I understand that HW is a value in terms of MBA's but need all the help I can get.
    thank you,
    John Spies
  5. Professor Kennedy

    Professor Kennedy New Member


    The rules on exemptions are handled by Professor Brown and he is best able to explain them in an individual case and make a judgement. Try: <[email protected]>

    We have one faculty source for this subject in order to ensure consistency across the world and our 8,000 MBA students.

    I doubt if the fact that in your case this is a decisive issue for your decision to enrol will influence the exemption decision! Allowing cash considerations to decide on an exemption? Perish the thought!;)
  6. John Spies

    John Spies Member

    Professor Kennedy,
    I had no intention of implying that HW would be hurt by my not being able to enroll. I am well aware that you don't need me for a student to continue operations, I simply was explaining my situation, lame as it is. I have a family and it is difficult to commit to such a large expenditure, benefits of the education notwithstanding, that is all. As stated, if I could gain exemption in one or two subjects, the cost would be easier on me-obviously!
    Thank you for your help, I will contact Professor Brown.
    John Spies
  7. Professor Kennedy

    Professor Kennedy New Member

    I was ever so slightly teasing you, not casting aspersions on your case, with which I entirely sympathise.

    Apologies if you got the wrong end of my humour.

  8. Jmarion

    Jmarion New Member

    HW DBA

    Professor Kennedy-

    You mentioned an Heriot-Watt DBA program. I have not heard of this option before --courses + dissertation.

    Where can I hear more? Is it open to the distance learning track?
  9. Professor Kennedy

    Professor Kennedy New Member

    EBS Distance DBA

    The DBA programme is starting its first students in October 2003. It will be in both/either on campus or distance mode. It was announced a month ago, after the proposal had passed through all the necessary University accreditation stages (Faculty, Post Graduate Studies, Senate, as is common in all British Universities under their Royal Charters). Ours will be within the framework of 'Strategic Focus' and is largely based on the US approach to doctoral studies - partly taught (self taught option) and dissertation. Requirements include an MBA (comparable quality to the EBS MBA) or a Masters from a reputable accredited University and substantial business experience.

    Details may be obtained from Professor Roberts <[email protected]>

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