Dumb 17 year old with college questions

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Cassius, Aug 15, 2013.

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    I think she's been binge-watching Breaking Bad, yo. :wink:
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    It's funny you should say this because while I've never watched a single episode of Breaking Bad I have been thinking about a BBB (Breaking Bad Binge) weekend. Would you recommend it?
  3. rebel100

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    Most definitely...one of the best shows in years.
  4. Cassius

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    This is the best you're going to get!

    Will y'all stop questioning my credentials now? As though my age could possibly invalidate any of the advice I've been seeking.
  5. cookderosa

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    Well then lol....
  6. Kizmet

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    Borrowed it off your neighbors son. Anyone can pull that kind of scam.:mischievous:
  7. AUTiger00

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    A 30 on your ACT is an excellent score. You should easily earn a solid scholarship at most state schools assuming your GPA is high. I think you're in good shape. Best of luck.
  8. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    You're right. Either way, best of luck.
  9. ProfesionalStudent

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    Ever considered geology or something oil-related? Work and Chesapeake and you'll be banking it, kiddo. I highly suggest at least applying at all state schools with a 30 ACT just to see the kinds of scholarships/grants you'll get. Free money trumps field of study to a large extent in my book. If you want out of state, I believe Colorado State has a pretty good environmental studies program.
  10. ProfesionalStudent

    ProfesionalStudent New Member

    D*MN KID.

    Did you borrow your son's ID? Your neighbor's? Your grandchild's? Your finger doesn't look 17. You sound old. Fake ID? Alien? :D Funniest ID verification ever.

    I at least know you're really from Oklahoma. The "ya'll" you used gives that away too.

    Your grammar and maturity is just too good then. I wish I thought like you at your age. Let your editor parents edit your college essays too. My parents couldn't diagram a sentence when I was applying to college (yet they had PhDs from Yale. Oops.).

    Seriously, apply to all schools there to see what scholarships they'll give you as a backup plan, plus a few out of state. OSU, OU, UCO, OCU, TU, OKCU.

    You could attend one of those for next to nothing financially, then study abroad (or "study abroad" domestically) at a school that offers the specific field you're interested in. Or transfer out after you get the pre-reqs.

    That would give you a nice combo of cheap college tuition, with relatively cheap study abroad opportunities to see the world and study/intern abroad.

    Semester at Sea would be fun. Or, attending some state school and spending a semester in Australia, then a semester in Seattle, etc. All the while paying cheap in-state tuition (assuming you don't get full scholarships)...

    Or do OSU's Enviro Science and apply to some internship or semester study research opportunity that has the specific type of work you're wanting to go into?

    Heck, you could do OU's online Bachelor's living anywhere. Then you could travel abroad as much as you want using the money you saved on tuition. Or intern in Seattle, Hawaii, or Fiji in your desired field while getting a more generic BA.

    How about...

    California State University at Monterey Bay - Environmental Science, Technology & Policy BA?

    Middle Tennessee State University - Environmental Science and Technology BA?

    University of Hawaii - Global Environmental Science BS?

    Hawaii Pacific University - Environmental Studies?

    Yeah, I'm rooting for Hawaii. I think that would be a fun place to go to college... especially if you like environmental stuff and nature. Plus the weather is better.
  11. major56

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    Now this clarification using this analogy could have been authored /conceived by a 17 year-old. And all this reliability after only 6-postings …
  12. instant000

    instant000 Member

    To the OP:

    You are asking very smart questions. Considering quality, cost, and alumni connections are three things that I wish I had done from the very beginning.

    There is no need to use "Ya'll" or "Yo" to express your age to the degreeinfo crowd.

    Posters consider your writing to be well above average for your age. This disappoints me. Let me be clear: my disappointment is not with you, but with your peers.

    On the topic of schools to consider, I would recommend that you remain in state.

    If you can get a scholarship, do that. 32+ gets you in the automatic range at many schools. I'm using this posting (non-verified), to give you an idea of the many opportunities out there: Automatic Full Tuition / Full Ride Scholarships - College Confidential

    If you are specifically concerned about boosting your math score, have you attempted any preparation materials? Since I have a niece at this same stage in life, I can recall that half of the ACT math seems to be about Algebra. Then, there is a portion on Geometry, and a smaller portion in Trigonometry. If you can recall the basics of circles, triangles, quadrilateral math, SOH-CAH-TOA, unit circles, etc., that would help the most for geometry and trig. For Algebra, knowing the basic rules of isolation would be quite useful. There are very few trig questions.

    I tutored my niece for two months this past summer, and I was able to get her math scores up by eight points. If she keeps the studies up for the ten weeks after going back home, she should be able to easily get into the 30+ range on her math, and get her overall score into the 33+ range. She was scoring 20 when she got here, and she got up to 28 on the Real ACT practice tests before she left.

    What helped her the most in math was to realize that she was missing some foundational things. Once the foundation was re-laid, she had a much easier time visualizing problems and being able to solve them.

    Here are some ACT Math Rules that really helped my niece out, they might assist you, also. If you don't know what one means, you could research it further. (I'm confident that you would be able to.)

    Here it goes: http://www.erikthered.com/tutor/act-facts-and-formulas.pdf

    Hope this helps!
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  13. Cassius

    Cassius New Member

    I actually was really considering the TU Energy Management program, which is an amazing program that is sadly far too expensive for my family to afford. As well, it's a little too petroleum-based for me. I'm kind of granola about that, I don't particularly want to feel like I'm selling my soul (or the Earth) for cash.
    Thank you very much for all of that! I will definitely research those programs, and your advice about in-state is very helpful. I would love the opportunity to study abroad.
    Thank you! That link is awesome, and I will be spending some time wading through it.
    As for the test prep, I did not do any before I took the test, although I know I should have. At that point I had been out of a math class for close to 9 months (I took advantage of a local community college concurrent enrollment opportunity to not take a math my Junior year) and hadn't done any review materials. This time around, I definitely will be, however. I am quite confident I can get my score up, just how high is the question.
  14. Kizmet

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    In a blatant and sincere attempt to drag this thread off topic I'm going to say that I don't like Paula Dean. It's not that she's a racist (bad), it's not that she promoted unhealthy eating habits while hiding the fact that she was diabetic (also bad), no , it's much more serious than that. I don't like Paula Dean because she says "ya'll" every 10 seconds whether it fits or not . .

    "I'm going to stir this around ya'll and once it's ya'll mixed I'm going to put it into the ya'll skillet."
  15. Cassius

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    I say y'all because that's how we talk around here. There's nothing uneducated or dumb about it, it's just another contraction that happens to have regional usage. People from the Carolinas are not superior to everyone else because they do not use contractions, it is just the way they talk.
  16. Kizmet

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    In my opinion (hardcore New England) when you say ya'll every 10 words, whether it fits or not, then that's just plain stupid. Contractions are fine when they fit but saying ya'll every 10 seconds whether it fits or not is fake southern. Just like Paula Dean is fake everything.
  17. ProfesionalStudent

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    I like the ya'll too. It's quaint. And it makes me giggle. Regional dialects are always fun to observe, whether it's a "ya'll" in the south midwest or a "you'se" in Jersey.
  18. AUTiger00

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    I'm confused. I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and have said "y'all" my entire life.
  19. AV8R

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    It's even more fun when people from your own country can't figure out where you're from when they hear you speak. I just came back from spending some time at a retreat in Peru. I got quite a chuckle when a guy from California told me he thought I was from Australia. "No, not Australian," I replied. "Appalachian hillbilly."
  20. cookderosa

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    no no no Kizmet, you're getting it wrong. Ya'll is singular. All ya'll is plural. So, it would go into the skillet "for all ya'all." :) There is PLENTY of back country slang in North Carolina. However, NC is full of transplants, so you'll be in line at Walmart behind a Jersey Shore cast-off and someone wearing a confederate flag patch.
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