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    This is reputed to be the hardest DSST exam, and I believe it. To study I used the NLC questions guide, read about the Fed on its website and Wikipedia, read Rothbard's critique of the money system ("What has the Government done to our Money?") and Greider's discussion and critique of the Fed ("Secrets of the Temple"). (Both the latter are informative, but not that useful.) I also spent a nice evening talking to two friends, one of whom was a finance officer with a major bank, and the other of which was a regional VP (of which they have lots...) with a regional bank. Both were very informative, but not so much for this course.
    I do regret not looking at the sample chapters from Paul Krugman and Robin Wells's economics textbook, which are available online and will likely be helpful.

    How did I do? Well, the passing score was 48. I got a 49, which was a relief to me.

    Anyone else smart or foolish enough to take this course?
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    I took this exam awhile ago and received a decent score. I posted some study resources here for those interested: Money and Banking DSST.

    I would highly recommend checking out the websites of the Mises Institute and Foundation for Economic Education as well, as they both contain a wealth of free online economics textbooks and in-depth summaries about how central banks, lending rates, inflation, etc. work. If you stick to the Austrian perspective or something similarly free market-oriented, you will be well-equipped to pass the exam.

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