DSST Business Law II, tips?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by LiveFromHouston, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. LiveFromHouston

    LiveFromHouston New Member

    I took the CLEP Business Law exam about a year ago and passed after studying the REA Essentials Business Law I book, which I felt had underprepared me.

    Has anyone here taken the DSST Business Law II exam lately? I followed the advice over at DF (heavy on commercial paper and contracts) and used Barrons Business Law as my primary study resource. Should Instacert be used to compliment this material?

    Any other tips froms someone who has taken it recently?

    I am taking it this week and will post my own observation afterwards.

  2. beholdweb

    beholdweb New Member

    Hi LiveFromHouston,

    I haven't taken either of the Business Law exams yet, but I will need to take them eventually. I will be interested to hear your observations after you take BL2.

    Best of luck,
  3. It hasn't been revised since I took it.

    Very heavy in Commercial Paper and Sale of Gods. Smith & Robeson's Business Law was a good resource.

    Try the sample exam from Chauncey Group.
  4. beholdweb

    beholdweb New Member

    I think that topic is actually part of the DANTES Intro to World Religions exam! :D
  5. LOL! That'll teach me to not post after 6:00pm.
  6. JassenB

    JassenB New Member

    I highly suggest the Barrons series for the Law I & II exams. The REA books were OK, but not stellar, in my opinion.

    I wish I remembered the name of it, but I also found an incredible summary book of business law at the CU-Boulder business library that was published somewhere in the mid-1960's. It had a black cover and was only around 100+ pages or so and had the best coverage of contract law, the UCC, etc. of any book I found. It was actually my main preparation for these two exams.


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