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    I was a frequent visitor of the alt.distance.education news group back in 1998-1999. At the start of 2000, my visits there were curtailed by my false imprisonment into a badly run, minimum
    security federal penitentiary (enlistment in the USAFR followed by 6 weeks at Lackland AFB, then a year's worth of IADT at
    Sheppard AFB <g> ).

    Just a few minutes ago, I decided to set-up my new computer to pay a visit to alt.distance.education and see what was to be seen. You can imagine my surprise when one of the dreadful sort of posts, similar to those that caused you people to flee
    alt.distance.education like a bunch of Airmen running for cover behind the Army <g>, mentioned something about a Dr. Levicoff & a law suite. Would anyone care to bring me up-to-date or point me to somewhere that would? Did anyone think to pass the hat around for Dr. Levicoff?

    A1C Kanarek
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    You can probably winnow out the gist of it by reading this article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Additional details can be found in the MIGS forum.

    Bill Gossett
  3. Bill Huffman

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    Go to the MIGS section right here in degreeinfo.com and you will be brought up to date on. I consider it a most amazing and amusing read.

    Regarding the hat passing, no real need, as you should find out if you read the above.
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    Greetings & thanks for the replies!

    I appologize for not realizing that this subject might have its own section, and for not associating the initials of the school with its name fully spelled-out.

    BTW, regarding Dr. Levicoff's comment about the school ("...was hoisted on its own petard"), since when do they have petards in Texas? And, more importantly, why wasn't I given the opportunity to obtain one? Oh, how many times I would have been happy to have been hoisted by my own petard the heck out of Sheppard AFB (although I could have found other uses for it)! <g>

    Richard Kanarek

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