Does a Good GPA from a DL school help ?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by stock, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. stock

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    I know that it never hurts to get a good GPA, but how exactly would it help ?
  2. I don't think there's a distinction between B&M and DL here - there are two instances where a good GPA will help - getting your first job out of school and grad school.

    Beyond the initial entry into the workforce (esp. after 5+ years working) GPA rarely to never comes up, at least in the private sector.

  3. oxpecker

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    My experience, as leader of a recruiting committee for the past dozen years, is that GPA is a consideration for recent bachelor's degree grads. But GPAs at the graduate level have become so inflated that we pay them little attention.

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, our approach is to get into the details of how each candidate earned his/her degree. We start with the transcript(s), and when we do initial phone screens we will grill the applicants on details of key courses or on their research.

    Some people take this idea even further. There was a guy at Collagen Corp. in Palo Alto who would give candidates what amounted to an oral examination -- e.g. he'd describe a situation, and ask them to write down an appropriate expression for the stress tensor and explain how it should be used.
  4. Rob L

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    If someone wants to obtain an entry level position for the Federal Government, they have a much better chance of getting it if they graduated from an accredited college with a GPA of 3.50 or better. If someone wants to enter the military as an officer, or transition from enlisted to officer, they have a much better chance of being accepted if they graduated college with a high GPA.

    In my case, I work for both the New Jersey State Government and am an Ensign in the Coast Guard Reserve. I also graduated AIU Online with a 3.95 GPA. Although AIU is not highly regarded in this forum, it is still an accredited school. My high GPA from AIU was an integral part of both me being promoted in my civilian job and receiving a Commission into the Coast Guard Selected Reserve.

    I don't think the private sector places as much emphasis on GPA as the government does. But, as you said, it never hurts to have a high GPA.
  5. mcdirector

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    You didn't say at what level, so for an undergrad degree, a high GPA will help one get into grad school too.
  6. stock

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    Sorry, should have been specific. I meant a high GPA in graduate school.
    My reason was I want to pursue another Masters degree after I complete my current MS in IT. But would want to do it part time ( not in DL ), hence my question.

    Thanks all for your replies.
  7. mcdirector

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    Well, good luck in finishing this program and starting the next. I've always had to go to grad school part time while I worked. I'd like to give going full time (without the work :p) a try!

    What are you thinking of pursuing next?

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