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    Honestly, I read it as sliiiightly passive-aggressive especially given the end (and I could be misconstruing that) but it wasn't out of bounds by any means. He's just looking past the main point that was being made which I think is a valid one but is certainly open to debate. Over the years, I have seen people cast LA as a shill for non-profit schools, for-profit schools, unaccredited schools, foreign schools, NA schools, RA schools (less so but there have been claims), and on and on and I think it happens because he speaks about them all from the center and challenges popular perceptions from all of those angles, but Dustin may not have read enough of his posts to know that so I can see how that could be misinterpreted.
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    Hey, you've forgotten some of the more recent ones! I am now a:

    - QAnon shill

    - Anti-vax shill

    - Flat-earth shill

    - And an extreme right shill.

    According to this forum, I'm all over the place and absolutely insane, LOL!
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    Without being able to view it, I'm wondering if this is picking up where College Inc. left off? That documentary definately had a resounding effect on how I viewed online education back in the day.
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    Don't sweat it. I was a racist once according to this forum. Right after that started, I decided to test that belief and attended a KKK rally with full hood and robe on.

    Unfortunately, when I briefly took off my hood to breathe a little better, my skin shade was identified as much too dark and I was encouraged to leave or be both beaten and shot simultaneously. Now, I was going to try another group, but I came to the conclusion that just shaving my head wouldn't be enough to grant my entry. So at that point, my career as a racist was officially over.
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