doctorate in psychodynamic/analytic therapy

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    are any of our good members aware of this type of dl doctorate. it does not have to be ra as i already am liscenced ; but it must be legitimate.. i did check out intl grad school but it had a mill feeling to it although i could be wrong. help most appreciated.
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    Aware of that specific type of You have made no mention of willingness to do residencies or cost factors. The Union Institute may allow you to focus a Ph.D. in that area. Not cheap and will require residency. Steve Levicoff is our resident expert. His Piled Higher & Deeper is from TUI.

    Internationally, may also work for you. A research doctorate may allow you to focus your research/dissertation in that specific area. Try Ozzie schools or South African. Both have well respected educational systems and are affordable. You will need to contact the specific schools Psych/Education Departments to see if such an arrangement is possible.

    I would stick with accredited/GAAP. Remember the recent post on the State Approved LaSalle & a Canadian therapist. Not pretty! Don't want the Mounties on your door step.



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