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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by thinktank, Aug 20, 2004.

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    I had chosen University of Nebraska for my PhD in Education, but called today and was told they have 20 on the waiting list and will add more on September 1st. The next openings will occur in March of 2005 - too long from now. Help me everyone! What is a good next choice with no residency, under 30,000, and accredited by a recognizable organization for the US.
  2. Jack Tracey

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    It's really a matter of the "usual suspects." There are a handfull of universities in Australia, a few in the UK and, of course, UNISA. You can look at Argosy and Nova in the US but I can't speak to the tuition, it may break your budget. I don't want to seem insensitive or crude, but if you're far enough along the road that you can apply to a doctoral program with some confidence that you'll be accepted then you've got to do some homework! These programs are not out there begging for students, this has actually become somewhat competitive deal. You're poised on the threshold of a doctoral program and preparing to spend thousands of dollars in tuition, fees, books, etc. and yet you won't break down and buy a Bears Guide? Get serious.
    (sorry for the attitude but c'mon...)
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    Wow, I have appreciated feedback on this board until now. I have done my homework and selected a program. Unfortunately, they have a long waiting list. I was looking for advice, not trying to save a penny. I much more value the actual experience of people on this site than an outdated book. Bear’s says a good choice for me is Touro, but without this site, I may have tried to enroll there and now I have learned they may not have been the best choice! Thank you to all those that post supportive information and please Mr. Tracey, no more help! Flaming by getting personal is not helpful.
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    You might look at Fielding Graduate Institute as well. I have had a wonderful experience thus far in my Ed.D. program. The tuition is about $15k per year, but I am finding that, putting in a solid 25-30 hours per week of study (yes, I work full-time and have had to give up all social life!), I will be able to finish in two years. And, once you reach candidacy (sort of ABD) then tutiion is reduced by 25%. There is a required 4 day orientation at the beginning, bu they are held all over the country, so you may find one nearby. Since you were considering Nebraska, I'm assuming you have an interest in higher ed. leadership. Fielding has an emphasis on community college and university leadership. Feel free to email me privately if you decide to investigate Fielding further.
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    You can't post a message that says "Help me everyone! What is the next good choice..." and then say in the next breath that you've done your homework. This wasn't a flame, it was a gentle reality tap. You want no more help? OK with me.
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    I could be mistaken but have you tried
    Capella or Walden ?
    I would try Capella first and if they don't have what your looking for try Walden.

    Good Luck
    TomC. :)
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    Hi thinktank,
    NCU is suppose be coming out with a new program that will offer both the Ph.D. in Education and Ed.D. this Fall.

    This new program should meet all of your requirements.

  9. thinktank

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    thank you all

    Thank you all. The lead at NCU was just what I was looking for! I will also look into the others. This board is great. I appreciate your responce also Mr. Tracey. Thank you all for the help!
  10. obecve

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    CHeck out Nova Southeatern University. Their Ed.D. has a acceptance in many higher ed settings, they are flexible and cost less than some of the other programs proposed. I have several peers in their program and they like the experience.
  11. Rich Douglas

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    While Jack's comment was strong, it was also on-target. If you've done your "homework," you've obviously checked out other programs. But you don't mention those.

    Education isn't cheap. Pay the extra and earn a degree you can use. Either pursue one that will require some overseas travel, or pony up the larger sums U.S. schools require. Or, and this might be a shocker, don't do it at all. Just a thought.
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