Doctorate in 4 months from Knightsbridge University?

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    Legitimate universities?
    Author: Dean Wingrin
    Date: 13-09-01 12:40
    Category: Language, Education, Arts and Events



    I've just received an aplicatation from a prospective employee stating that he had received a degree from Newport University, Newport Beach, California, USA. I found a website at

    In addition, he has an MBA from Knightsbridge University, UK ( Four months later, he received a Doctorate from the same institution!

    Has anyone heard of these universities and are they legitimate? I know that you can 'buy' degrees from Brentwood University in the UK. Are these two universities in the same catagory?

    Many thanks.


    Dean Wingrin
  2. Mike Albrecht

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    Mail or banking delay?
  3. uncle janko

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    Homing pigeons are faster than homing ducks. But they only work in Liberia.
  4. Jack Tracey

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    So it probably only means that you get a discount if you upgrade within six months.

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