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    A good friend of mine did most of her dissertation for a Doctorado in Filologia at Universidad de la Habana a couple of decades ago, but dropped out (or was driven out) due to "doctrine" requirements (she wasn't a communist). She has a master's degree and would be interested in pursuing an inexpensive distance learning doctorate in Latin American literature, preferably one that would accept her prior work (though I understand that this is a long shot). I'm going to do my own poking around, but do any of you folks know of something you'd recommend, or that has been recommended to you, along these lines? She's fluent in both Spanish and English, but would prefer a pure Spanish-based program if possible.

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    Try UNED . This is the Spanish "Open University", a publicinstitution wit hsome 200,000 students if I am correct. All programs are in Spanish though, and require an excellent command of the language. The price for her doctorate would be around $300 - $400 a year (it is heavily subsidized by the Spanish government and the EU). A great deal! I can also tell you it is probably very demanding. She can take her exams in a number of places all over the world, including NYC, Brussels, London, etc,... The format is similar to that of the AMerican PhD (first a taught part and then an original thesis). She might have to go to Madrid to present her dissertation, but it would be a unique opportunity to visit El Prado Museum, El Escorial, Toledo, etc,... You can email me if you wish to have more detailed information. Oh, yeah, she might find some problems with the evaluation of her previous education. But that shouldn´t stop her. It is worth it.

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    I forgot. The offical title would be Filología Hispánica.

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    Texas A&M offers a PhD in Hispanic Studies. It's an new DL program and there seems to be a one year residency requirement.

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