Doctoral Name Recognition in combination with the Ed.D / PhD question

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    Hi Everyone,

    First off, I am incredibly grateful that I found this forum. The wealth of information here has provided a tremendous amount of clarity in my educational search. But to quote Lost "Every question I answer will simply lead to another question".

    I have been a teacher for the past 6 years and, at least in the special education world, I have a large variety of experience. I am almost done with an MA in Education Administration with an Administrative Services Credential and plan on moving into administration for the rest of this career. I also plan on doing some college teaching on the side where and when I can. After I can "retire" with my pension vested I want to move on to the college/university level. I want to begin a Ed.D or PhD as soon as possible after finishing my MA. I have researched some of the institutions near me (Los Angeles area) and have seen a lot of professors with Ed.D's - so I am well aware that there are plenty of faculty members out there with Ed.D's so I am not particularly worried about the Ed.D vs. PhD debate in a vacuum. Ok so here is my list of questions that I have come up with lately (keep in mind that I have many of the common concerns as others, e.g. cost, transfer units, RA):

    Name recognition vs. regionally respected programs - Probably not a big deal while I'm working in public schools, but at the post secondary level, would it be an uphill battle trying to get a full time faculty position in the distant future with a terminal degree from University of the Cumberlands or University of West Georgia as opposed to University of Arkansas / Nebraska / Boise State?

    (variation of the question above) If things go somewhat according to plan and I have completed a full career in k-12 education (20ish years) with a variety of increasing responsibilities and such, would the university of origin of my 15 or so year old Doctorate matter as long as it was RA?

    In terms of the Ed.D vs. PhD debate, if I have a full k-12 career of 20+ years, and my doctoral degree is 15 or so years old, would any bias against an Ed.D likely be diminished?

    Is anyone familiar with the University of Arkansas Ed.D- The page lists the degree as 100% online, 36 units with an Ed.S or equivalent required. So if I am reading this correctly, would that mean I would have to enroll and complete the Ed.S there (or somewhere else) prior to beginning the Ed.D? (so my 30 unit MA + 30 units for an Ed.S + 36 Ed.D units?)

    Finally, my wife and I are planning on getting our Doctorates together, her MA is in Curriculum and Instruction - most Educational Administration type Ed.D's will accept that MA, right?

    Thanks for reading, sorry if I'm over thinking this.
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    In education, the Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs at the vast majority of universities are not significantly different. If you are looking for a full-time faculty position in higher education, any of the schools that you mentioned would be acceptable. What will be most important is your recording in the "holy trinity" of faculty consideration: scholarship (publications, conference presentations, grants, etc.), teaching experience and service to the institution, community and profession. A Ph.D. from a well-known university will lose the job to an Ed.D. from a lesser-known university with a curriculum vita that includes scholarship, teaching experience and service. I know this from personal experience, having beat out a number of Ph.D.s for my past few jobs.
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    Thank you!

    So as long as I stay active scholarly, the combination of that and 20+ years or so of K-12 experience as a teacher and administrator with an Ed.D even from a less well known RA University would be fine?

    I'm primarily looking to retire early from K-12 and go into higher education until I die or really retire, but I want to do it at a smaller private school like Biola University, Chapman University, Whittier College, et al. Some place where I can do some research, but more importantly be a positive influence on the campus community, have some smaller classes where I can really teach and interact and B.S. about scholarly stuff.
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    In addition to the above, as soon as my MA is complete I plan on trying to fish up some part time adjunct work online
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    You can get more information about it from university.

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