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  1. LadyExecutive

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    Saw it here months ago, but can't remember where. Searched, but can't seem to find it. It was a response to a question relating to which schools accept the most doctoral degree transfer credits. If my memory is right, I believe someone mentioned the University of Florida. I'm getting old so I can be waaaay off with this. Anyway, I wonder if anyone knows what 'priviledges,' if any, does a doctoral degree graduate have when applying for entry into a graduate program at a different institution from where he or she earned the previous degree? Can anyone think of a US based university that has very liberal doctoral credit policies?

    Thanks for your assistance, as usual.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    I suspect one would find more relief in such a situation in discussions and negotiations rather than in published policies.

    Personally, I did the second one from scratch--a completely new degree as if I had not already done a PhD. But I have to think the real pearl in all of this will be found in discussions with a school one wants to work with...and who wants to work with one. Find that symbiotic relationship and all bets are off.
  3. LadyExecutive

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    I didn't realize you had two doctorates. Hats off to you, sir, and thanks for taking the time to respond!
  4. LadyExecutive

    LadyExecutive Member

    I didn't realize you had two doctorates. Hats off to you, sir, and thanks for taking the time to respond!
  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Now if I could only find a job! :smile:

    (I have a job, but changing careers is a bit of a slog.)
  6. edowave

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    Definitely not UF. The university will only allow up to 30 graduate credits transferred (24 from courses, 6 from research.) That's what the university will allow. Your department may not allow any. It all depends on what the courses were, how long ago they were, etc. Unfortunately, you won't know any of this until after you get accepted.

    Maybe you were thinking of their Post-Doctoral Bridge Program | Warrington ? That's a different beast.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I could not recall which institution, but some institution allows to transfer up to 12 to 15 credits. Columbia University allows to transfer up to 2 classes (6 credits); while a defunct university, AKA Mountain State University allowed to transferred up to 18 credits for Executive Doctorate in Leadership program (the most I have ever seen).

    For some institutions might work like this:

    Colorado State University at Fort Collins' Ph.D in System Engineering requires 72 credits for Undergraduate degree holder, while 42 credits for student with appropriated Master degree.

    Source URL: Requirements and Curriculum - CSU Online
  8. LadyExecutive

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    I hear you! Haven't reaped any rewards from my more than $100,000 investment yet. I might be right there with you, changing careers that is.
  9. LadyExecutive

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    I'm not sure it was Warrington. I am thinking of perhaps getting my teacher's certification and going into education leadership or something of the sort. UF has an EdD in Education Leadership that looks pretty good except that I'd hate to have to go to school for another three years. To get certified in Education Leadership in Florida, I need 30 credits in education.
  10. LadyExecutive

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    How disappointing!
  11. Rich Douglas

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    And then, just like that, I have a new job. Whoosh!
  12. SteveFoerster

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    The University of the Cumberlands would take up to 18 credits toward their PhD in Leadership, leaving twelve courses and a dissertation. (But for the life of me I cannot imagine why you would want to go through that again!)
  13. Anthony Pina

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    Universities can determine their own transfer policies. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools allows for the transfer of up to 75% of an undergraduate degree and 66% of a graduate degree.
  14. Ian Anderson

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    When I was looking at doctorate programs around 10 years ago all the schools I checked out allowed 30 semester units to be transferred from my masters degree providing the courses met program requirements.

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