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    New York’s First Pharm.D. Online
    To be considered for the program pathway, applicants must:

    Have completed 62 semester hours of pre-professional education at an accredited college or university. The prerequisite course requirements are outlined below.
    General Course Requirements
    English/Literature – 6 semester hours (one course must be English Writing/Composition)
    Speech – 3 semester hours (recommend Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications)
    Economics – 3 semester hours
    Humanities and/or Social/Behavioral Sciences – 12 semester hours
    Science and Math Requirements
    Calculus – 3 semester hours
    Statistics – 3 semester hours
    General Chemistry – 8 semester hours with lab component
    Organic Chemistry – 8 semester hours with lab component
    Physics – 4 semester hours with lab component
    Biology – 12 semester hours with lab component

    Lab-based science courses must be completed within the past five years. Some students whose prerequisites were completed more than five years ago may wish to petition for an exception to the five year rule, rather than retaking these courses. These students will be required to take the PCAT prior to requesting an exception, as the purpose of the five year rule is to ensure that a student’s critical, science-based knowledge is current enough to ensure success in the program. Students seeking this waiver may also be asked to provide information on current, relevant work experience related to the sciences.

    Grades below C cannot be accepted toward completion of these requirements. Advanced Placement courses are not accepted for science courses; however, upper-division science courses may be accepted in lieu of courses in which AP credit was given.

    An application may be submitted after the completion of 30 semester hours of college coursework; however, all pre-professional coursework must be completed prior to matriculation into the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.

    Minimum GPA
    Cumulative and science GPAs of 2.75 are considered minimally competitive. However, most students accepted to the program have performed at a much higher level.

    How much does the Fisher Pharm.D. Online pathway cost?
    You will be billed per term based on the number of credits for which you are registered. The 2021-2022 tuition rate for the Pharm.D. program is $1,132 per credit hour.

    Tuition does not include costs related to travel and housing for immersions, books and supplies, and additional fees. Students can expect a moderate increase in tuition every year they are in the program. Annual tuition increases typically go into effect in May, at the beginning of the Summer term.
    Link: Earn Your Pharm.D. Online From St. John Fisher College | New York (
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    Interesting find. Too bad I am terrible at math and science plus its from my Home State New York
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    I would stay away from pharmacy myself. In the next decade there's going to be 30,000 more graduates from pharmacy programs than there are jobs for them, and Pharmacy admission rates used to be 30% but have zoomed up to 85% ( with the proliferation of for-profit schools. The median salary is flat. 2010 salary was $135K in 2020 dollars but is only $129K in 2020.

    Making $129K after loans of $171K is not great, but if it's someone's dream to be a pharmacist then this might work.
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    This is definitely something to consider. The BLS outlook also supports your argument.
    Job Outlook, 2020-30 -2% (Decline)
    Employment Change, 2020-30 -7,000
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    Pharmacy school is the new law school I'm afraid. What no one remembers is that law school was the new dentistry school. I'm starting to think we will see a time when medical/osteopathy school will be the new pharmacy school. Incredible but the warning signs are there. Here in the El Paso Texas catchment area (including Las Cruces New Mexico where I live) we have no law school but we have TWO medical schools!
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    Was dental school oversubscribed in the US? I admit I've never heard of this particular one. In Canada, there was both a severe experienced nursing shortage and also a glut of new nurses who couldn't get hired anywhere. I think the next healthcare bubble will be the midlevels (NPs in particular) since you can now become an FNP with a one year online doctorate, sometimes right from a BSN.
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