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    While I am new at the chaplain stuff, I do understand that Bibles and other materials do get thrown in the trash at times and that religious services are sometimes used for other purposes. At the same time, I like the idea that I get paid by the state to teach spirituality in an effort to help rehabilitate inmates. I thoroughly enjoy the work.
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    I think most of us can appreciate you for your work. We need rehabilition because many of these people are getting out regardless of whether that happens. Better for us it happens. Also, those who will not get out will create a more positive environment and contribute to the rehab of others if they find something meaningful in their lives. Thank you for what you do.
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    This is a good idea. I'm going to tell my buddy who is the chaplain at Cochren Prison about the idea of directing inmates to Nations.
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    I find the initial question in this thread - I am interesting in persuing a DMin or a DTh degree - somewhat confusing. Are these not two entirely different degrees? I have always understood the DMin to be a 'professional doctorate' [sic] not requiring original research but being more of a critical reflection upon pastoral practice; whereas the DTh (or ThD) is, like the PhD, an academic doctorate awarded for original research, albeit often more concerned with applied theology. And aren't the entry requirements for the Doctor of Theology substantially higher than those for the DMin, at least at reputable institutions?

    So, my first answer to the question posed would be - decide what your career path is!
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    Since this post is a sticky, I thought I would try to contribute. I am currently in my first year of doing D.Min at Talbot. It's the Engaging Mind and Culture track. If anyone has any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.
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    What he said.
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    LOL - Sorry to jump in, but when I first saw this today I thought it said Doctor of MISERY. Where do sign up? Okay, I'll leave now... :)
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    Well, that's better than people asking me "your studying demons?" (D.Min pronounced really fast...)
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    Cheapest ATS accredited DMin program?

    I'm looking at Doctor of Ministry programs in the US. Can someone give me some advice? I'm looking for the cheapest (least expensive) ATS accredited DMin program out there.

    I have MA in Human Service Counseling from Regent University and a MTS from Urshan Graduate School of Theology. I completed 4 units of CPE at Seton Hospital in Austin, TX and currently serve as hospice chaplain for the past 6 years.

  11. ehenes

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    Are you worried about the quality of the program? It would also be helpful to know what your theological perspective is so that you don't end up at a school that is more frustrating to you than helpful. Also, what are you planning to do with the degree? Is it for personal growth, climbing a ladder, teaching in schools? Many schools have chaplain programs available. If you provide a bit more information we might be able to provide you with more help.

    For example, I am starting at RPTS (Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary) and they have programs in counseling and general pastoral ministry. The cost is around $11,000 but it's not online and requires travel to the campus each summer. This is a school that has a combination and balance of everything I was looking for: inexpensive (most programs are $15-$18,000), respectable (at least in my circles), accredited (ATS), well-established (5th oldest seminary in the US), and relatively close (5 hour drive...close enough for travel but not too close that I can come home during classes).
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    Thanks for the follow up questions. Basically, I have been looking for some time now at various programs. In my "circle", ATS accreditation is important. I have a background as a chaplain by day, and serve as a pastor of a start-up church during my "down time". I also am teaching a few undergraduate courses for an ATS accredited bible college through distance learning, and they have asked that I pursue doctoral studies. A Doctor of Ministry would suffice their requirement for me, and provide me a means for personal growth in the field of practical theology. It would serve a dual need -- my desire to continue to teach at the undergraduate level for this college and also serve to help my personal development as a pastor.

    Hopefully this is helpful. Im open to travel as I know most DMin programs require 2-3 week intensives throughout the year. Besides RPTS, do you have any additional thoughts in light of this?

  13. ehenes

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    Sounds like SBTS would be a decent option for you. They have some concentration areas that are more academic in nature and would allow you to tailor your project toward your teaching. That's one of the reasons I chose RPTS. I didn't want to be in classes on church growth or team management. Those classes give DMins a bad name, imo. I'd rather do something substantive. Ideally, I'd like to develop what I do at this next level into some publishing projects and/or a PhD.

    What kind of classes are you teaching? What areas would you like to move into in the future? Those questions might help you choose a program that will let you focus on something worthwhile.

    Also, what's the budget you're working with (travel, tuition, books, etc)?
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    I was going to recommend Fuller's DMin on Chaplaincy, but then you are looking for something more affordable.... BTW good to run into someone else who's a chaplain. I also did 4 units of CPE and am currently working as a hospital chaplain.
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    Nu degrees are widely accepted by accredited universities/serminaries

    Hello, if you are asking about RECOGNITION OF NU DEGREE/PROGRAMS, be rest assure your enquiries with most unis/serm. will turn out positive. Why? Because all schools(unis/bible serms) I contacted about the subject matter were all positive! So, instead of looking at accreditation, why not look at the quality theological/academical education you stand to gain at little or no cost(free-residents outside US )? Am happy taking my MRS/MDIV Programm with NU. Equally note: some friends of mine in the US are in gainful employments with NU DEGREES!!!!!. So,fill in the gap yourself.
  16. trustbuddy

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    NU- I'm assuming you are talking about Nations University- does not offer D.Min. They don't even have a theology department.
    And...I don't think OP was asking about the recognition of NU degrees.
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    I'm gonna stop you right there. The question wasn't about NU. NU doesn't have doctorates. And, sorry, but accreditation matters for many people and organizations.
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    Glad you liked NU curriculum. You just reaffirm my standing too. Well done NU.
  19. cmin

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    I never said they had doctorate program mr.
  20. trustbuddy

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    This entire thread is about a doctorate program- which NU doesn't have.

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